If you work do you feel like you are mussing out on your children?


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Jamie - posted on 05/26/2009




Nope, I do miss them while at work, but feel i appreciate every second Im with them more since i dont see them 24/7. I feel like Im working to give them a better life, and they are getting social skills they need as well.

Veronica - posted on 05/26/2009




ive never worked outside of home - fortunatly my husband and i felt it was better for me to raise our children then someone else. Now, I know this is not always the case -- my husband does work his tail off, and is always picking up side jobs to make ends meet (5 kids cost a lot) So i can't really say from experience -- but just being gone for a few hours to do makeovers, attend business trainings, or even running to the store by myself i feel two things - relief -YAY im out! lol and then i start worrying about my babies and i miss them, and i love coming home and they run up to me to hug and kiss me and that they missed me. The time that really destroyed me and my children though ( i should say devestated) was when i tried to go for my business degree online -- i had sooo much reading and writing to do, i was up all day and night, i had to have my sisters come and take care of my household and kids, and my husband was in another town working --- i dont remember my oldest during that year, and my second oldest was a baby who grew so fast, that i dont remember that either. Yea i attained my degree - but i missed very important times in their lives and i still bawl about it to this day.... Dont feel guilty if you have to work to help provide, thats what this damn society has come to now a days - the man can't be the only bread winner anymore, and there are a lot of single mothers who have to provide for thier little ones. Yes, i think you miss out, but its not like it purposely - we need to have $ in order to get food and clothing, etc.

Dianne - posted on 05/26/2009




Absolutely! I work evenings and overnights. It works out well with my husband's hours so we don't have to use a daycare, but I hate the fact that I only get to tuck her in for the night twice a week. My husband says it's like we're both single parents. I care for her alone during the day on little to no sleep, and then his mom gets her for 2 hours, then it's his turn to come home and deal with an over stimulated, cranky, sleepy baby for a couple of hours before putting her to bed. At least I get happy, morning, everything is great baby. ;-)

I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to family values and such. I think dinner as a family is so important, not to mention making it to as many t-ball games, karate lessons, dance recitals, talent shows, etc as possible. With my schedule the way it is, I will miss out on all of these things. I know that my husband and I are providing her with the best possible life we can offer now though. I also believe I am setting a positive example for her, to show her that you can have any job you want as a woman...and get paid well doing it! I will probably have to find a new job when my little girl (9 mos) gets older, though, simply because I cannot stand the idea of missing anyone of the before mentioned things because of work. The unfortunate thing is that I am the bread winner of the family and if I move to a day practice, I will never make as much money. I am totally willing to make the sacrifice though. Thankfully we have a few years to save up and to get our budget down pat before I have to make the switch.

Jessica - posted on 05/26/2009




Always! I have four little critters and I feel like I miss so much. If there was another way I would explore it and have tried a few but they never work out. I hate that I only have a couple of hours to spend with them everynight.

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