im 33wks and i need some tips

Amy - posted on 06/06/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




im 33wks today i lost my musce plug last nite and have been lite head all day and a sparp pain in my lower back . what should i do ????


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Alaw - posted on 06/08/2009




Hei, I a m 32 weeks today and I think I might be in the same situation as you!! I didn't loose the plug at all with my first, until my waters were artificially ruptured so Im not sure what it's supposed to look like!! I've not been feeling my self at all today, backache, feeling nausious, headaches. Baby is active though. Going to call the midwife in a min, just for some addvice. Good luck.xx

Jessica - posted on 06/08/2009




I agree with everyone else,

Go to hospital or ring your midwife. It could be nothing but always best to be safe than sorry. I lost my mucus plug 1 week before my son was born and I had no idea that I was in labour when I was in labour all I had was a back ache but when I did finally call my midwife she said I was 3cm Dialated.

Best of luck

Christy - posted on 06/07/2009




I am 37 weeks and lost mine a week ago. With my first daughter I lost it a month before she was born. My dr. said it just depends. Labor can start an hour to a month or later after the plug is lost. I too have been having back pain for like two weeks. Its sharp stabbing pains. I would mention it to your dr. If it doesn't go away. Good Luck !!!

Amanda - posted on 06/06/2009




If you havent already called the doctor then def do so..It's also possible to loose it and it still be a month before you actually go into labor

Amanda - posted on 06/06/2009




the mucus plug regenerates during pregnancy and i lost mine twice with the first, the first time at 16 weeks, the 2nd at 37 weeks followed 2mins later by my waters and the onset of labour. get checked out, 33weeks is a little too early for labour ideally speaking... you may require some medication to stop labour.

mand x

Corinne - posted on 06/06/2009




i agree to go see the doctors but know that it doesnt always mean giving birth that same day! i lost mine and didnt give birth for 3 days! ive heard many stories of moms that lost theirs and didnt give birth for a week or more! you can also call the nurses at the hospital for their advice, if you dont want to drive all the way there!

Andrea - posted on 06/06/2009




You need to go to the hospital... losing your musces plug can be a sign of early labor!!! I lost my musce plug at 30 weeks and delevered the same day, the fact that you are having lower back pain might mean you are going into labor... I don't want to scare you but it is important to seek medical care and the fastest way is at the hospital!

Melissa - posted on 06/06/2009




Go to the hospital, I was having the exact same problems. True, they sent me back home, but like Brittany wrote, better safe than sorry, especially when you're unsure.

April - posted on 06/06/2009




More than likely it's your body begining to adjust to child borth...definetly call your doc but other than that~lay on your left side and drinnk plenty of water

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