im pregnant only two weeks

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hello I.jus found out im pregnant and im.only two weeks dis is crazy and early I found so soon but heres my story....well dec 1 is the day it have had sex wit my husband and intercourse I start bleeding like he made come I bleed for one day after pose to came on on dec 7 but.only lite spoting so im like ok its late so now im 11 days late jus spoting every other day for dec 7th til now so I had to go to the doctor dec 9th for bleed work to had took a test which my pee came out negative so im like cool got bleed work done same day for something else still no period but every time we have sex I start bleed so im like that not rite so I take a test at home and came out postive im like I called my doctor to.make sure my my test was rite and they tell my bleed work came back and its postive and im 2weeks...and dis my second child my son is 7 so im hoping its a girl and dis his first child


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Ok, your post doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but you don't count how many weeks pregnant you are from the moment you had sex. You count it from the beginning of your LMP (last menstrual period). So yes, generally you would find out around when your period is due, which, in a 28 day cycle, would often be 2 weeks after having sex, but would make you 4 weeks pregnant.

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