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So here is my question... my in-laws live about 2 hrs away. I don't mind them visiting but when they do i feel that they over step that line, between me being the parent and doing things the way I do them, and them thinking that what they are doing is best. His almost 4 months, so when we finally create some kind of schedule I like to stick to it.. escpecially when he never use to have a nap during the day and now he does... and when they are down they think that he should spend every waking moment with them. What do I do? I feel like I am being a bit of a bitch... but at the same time I am the one home with him all day and I know what he likes and dislikes and what needs to be done during the day. Should I be more lenient when they are around or should I stick to my guns? HELP!


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Amanda - posted on 08/22/2009




stick to your guns i wish i could at least follow my own advice i seem to have that with my own family

Beth - posted on 08/22/2009




~STICK TO YOUR GUNS~ i have the same problem, only not with my in laws, but with my own mother. She thinks that when she comes over, it's Grandma and Kenzie time instead of letting her sleep or eat. And when she cries because she's tired, she will keep trying to get her to laugh or smile, even tho i am the one home with her all day..i know what her tired cry sounds like. Eventually I told her that she was my daughter and i want things done the way i want them done. she had her turn in raising me, now let me do my job and raise my own. Good Luck!

Nicola - posted on 08/22/2009




stick to your guns, You shouldnt feel like a bitch and so what if they think you are. He's your son and they may even respect you for doing so. I wanted my son in a routine and i stuck by my guns. Felt horrible at the time but it's gotta be done sometimes spesh when it comes to napping and bedtime and feeding, you know him best.

Yeh ok they want to spend every waking hour with him I had that problem with my gran bu i had to stick to my guns and tell her nicley that when he needs to nap he needs to nap and when it's feeding time then feed him an when it's play time go ahead an play. I also had the same problem with the inlaws but they respected my wishes. Just be nice yet firm. At the end of theday you gave birth to him and it's your way of doing things and they should respect that. They had their turn at motherhood now its yours.

Good luck and enjoy your son.

Chastitee - posted on 08/22/2009




Well i understand the whole getting baby on a schedule i have a 3 month old and it makes me upset when ppl interfer with it because im with here most of the time. I feel that yes stick to your guns because it helps you in what you have to do for your baby and just be frim with them that okay they can do this at this time. Like for ex: when ur baby is the most playful and happy then they can kind of have that time so there not totally messing up you schedule for baby. Well hope this helped a little take care and good luck :)

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