inducing labor

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does anyone know to induce labor at home.. im so done being pregnant. my baby weighs 6lbs already and im 36 weeks. my dr wont induce me, she says i have to go into labor myself. i have another child that i had at 36 weeks and he was 10lbs 6oz. please if anyone knows how to let me know. i have tried sex, castro oil.. im at a bump in the road in what to do next..


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Sandra - posted on 06/05/2009




hi there, you can try this it worked for me

buy some raspberry leaf tea drink it

have sex

Megan - posted on 06/05/2009




i think at 36 weeks you might not be ready with this one... as much as you are done with being pregnant your baby will come when it is ready. You can try walking a lot, climbing stairs, sex, spicy foods, squats and more... but at this point i think the best thing to try is patience... remember that full term is 40 weeks so you could have 4 more to go!

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