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Kristi - posted on 01/04/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 2 month old daughter has had the worst diaper rash that Ive ever seen and it wont go away no matter what we do. We've been using everything and she is also having sever diarrehea. Her doctor has no clue what is going on but I was reading about diaper rash and it said sometimes its yeast infection insead. I was wondering if anyone else has ever delt with this before? Does yeast infection cause explosive diarreha?


Nicole - posted on 01/04/2010




Yeast is by far the most common type of organism found in a diaper rash (but not the cause of diarrhea). The organism is quite prevalent and thrives in warm, moist skin. Yeast involvement should be suspected in any diaper rash that has not improved dramatically with 72 hours of appropriate therapy. A yeast rash is beefy red with sharp raised borders and white scales. Small satellite lesions surround the main rash. Even without this classic pattern, yeast is often present. Your daughter may well have a yeast rash. Try adding a cream such as Lotrimin AF to your usual diaper rash regimen. Continue air drying and applying a protective layer such as Desitin over the Lotrimin. Washing with warm water may also be helpful. Also Coconut oil is the best home ready source that could be used on the baby’s skin around the buttocks and it would destroy the budding rash efficiently. As for the constant diarrhea If your baby is breast-fed, don't stop. Breast feeding helps prevent diarrhea. Other wise If your baby is formula-fed, you might want to switch to a soy-based formula while the diarrhea lasts. A soy formula containing fiber (Isomil DF) can be even more effective at slowing down the stools. And as for you doctor find another Pediatrician!

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Angela - posted on 01/06/2010




when my daughters were born they both were allergic to pampers diapers so they would always get a bad rash so we had to switch to huggies..also when my oldest daughter got a yeast infection i used vagisil and it cleared up FAST

Jacqueline - posted on 01/05/2010




For a yeast infection a cornstarch baby powder is the last thing you want to feeds it making it worsen. Try using an ointment and if the diaper rash ointments don't help try using vagisil or talk to your doctor about an antifungal ointment. As for the diarehea, if your baby is breastfed it could be normal...if formula fed you may need to see about changing formulas.

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my son had that when he was that young its a viris they can get, i think if she had a yeast infection she would be just be red and sore nothing else.But im not a Doctor,he had to be put in the hospital because of the diarreha he got dehidrated.And the doc had to put him on special medicated cream.

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My son had a bad diaper rash the first 3 months of his life and it turned out he was alergic to the huggies Diapers and wipes. I cant say for sure if that cauesd diarreha but he always had exsplosive poops that would shoot streight out the back of his diaper. Once I cahnged him to pampers both diapers and wipes it went away. We also found out when he was 3 he was alergic to the parents choise diapers to. Hope she gets better soon.

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Yeast infections don't cause diarrhea. It's hard to tell diarrhea in an infant, but I always go by smell. My daughte is breastfed so she normally has runny poos, but once she had diarrhea and I could tell because it smelled like it. Yeast infections will look like a rash of tiny circles instead of just one big red area like a diaper rash. If you think that's what it is I would try talking to the doctor again. They can prescribe a cream to get rid of it.

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when my son got one from a diaper rash i used canestin cream and it cleared up. i dont suggest corn starch if its a yeast infection because yeast feeds on carbs and corn starch is a carb so it will just make it worse. also, i switched him from pampers to huggies and that made a big difference. im not sure about hte diarreha, but if its caused by yeast it could be in his stomach as well which could cause less absorption. try infant probiotics. they are wonderful even if it isnt a yeast infection.

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hi, is your baby breast fed? if so her poos maybe normal, my daughter was the same and my nurse explained it had something to do with the fact my milk hadnt settled down. My daughter also had a nappy rash which would not go away, we tried an anti fungal zinc based nappy cream, it was about a week before it cleared up with the use of the cream. I am not sure where you live but in Australia you can get this cream over the counter at the chemist, you dont need a perscription, its called Resolve.

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I had this problem w/ my daoughter who is now 3. What I used- Neosporine (spelling?) and cornstarch adn left diaper off when at al possible. Yes messes did happen. The doctor finally wrote a script for a yeast med. because as you stated sometimes thats what it is. I didn't have to use it because i finally got it cleared up on my own, but it sounds like that may be what your little one needs. the doctor should know about this condidton and med. for it. If not you might need a new DR. good luck!

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Im not sure about the diarrhea, but my baby had a persistent diaper rash and i took him to our family Dr. he said it was not a diaper rash and he prescribed him an ointment for the yeast infection. but no diarrhea.

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