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I am due in August with a baby girl. As excited as I am, there is a concern over the father. There are two possibilities: my sociopath ex or the guy I was with just before him. My due date got pushed back two weeks from the original date because of the size of the baby, which is why I contemplate both possible fathers instead of the seemingly obvious culprit: the ex, who is in his mid-forties and seemed to have some "down there" problems when we had sex. I'm pretty sure the father is the guy before the ex, who is 29 with no problems down there. The ex is mixed - African American, Hispanic, Caucasian and I think Native American as well, but very dark-skinned. He looks black. The guy before him is Hispanic. My question: Will I be able to tell who the father is when my baby girl is born? I know babies' features change as they grow, but I'm hoping there will be certain noticeable features off the bat that can help me determine the father, and then I can get the paternity test to prove it. Thanks so much for your support! :D


Sarah - posted on 05/10/2013




Most likely no you will not be able to. The only real way to know is to do a DNA test. Your child may or may not look like one guy or another but the father might be the opposite. The baby may or may not be with many mix races you can get a WIDE variety of color from almost black to almost white and that color can change over the years. There are some kids that both parents have blonde hair but the child is born with brown hair and continues to have brown hair for the rest of his/her life. So features don't necessarly tell you who the father is. I would suggest doing a DNA test while you are in the hospital.

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