Introducing a pillow? Sleeping?

Anastasia - posted on 06/13/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hey ladies. Just though I'd pose a question before I (hopefully) jump into bed.

My 7 1/2 month old son has almost always had to be put to bed by me, but over the last month or so he has been putting himself to sleep on my pillow (a couple of times). I give up trying to get him to sleep after a while (when i know he's just not going to give and my back is killing me), put him on the bed, he crawls around puting his head down and up then repeating until he gets to the pillow and just wants to stay there and falls to sleep. I'm puzzled, PERPLEXED!! I just don't know what to do!!
I know that your not supposed to introduced a pillow until 2 or 3 years old (here in Australia) and that it's for safety reasons and posture reasons and so on, but I'm really struggling with it. I don't know if I should get him a pillow so that he hopefully starts to do this in his cot and not on my bloody bed. + what do you think about co-sleeping.

when did your child start putting themselves to sleep? when did you introduce a pillow? what did you do with your child? how did you handle it? etc..

I would like you thoughts (good and bad).

Thanks mums.


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Jaime - posted on 06/14/2009




Our pediatrician actually recomended giving my son a small travel pillow to sleep on. It is small enough that I do not have any safety or posture concerns and easy to wash. As for putting himself to bed... that took awhile, but it helps to have a routine. We read books together, rock and sing/ talk together in the rocking chair, and then I lay him in his bed. With my son, who is now two, it has also helped that we allow him to take a few board books into bed with him. He has a music player that gives off enough light that he can see the pictures, so he will 'read' to himself or sing along with the music until he falls asleep. It took time, but it works out well for him.

Shelley - posted on 06/14/2009




my daughter does exactly the same she is 13 months and the only way i can get her to sleep is by letting her lie on my bed and pillow i gave her her own pillow at about 11 months and it really helped her sleep during the night.i reckon if the pillow is pretty flat and goes the whole width of the cot there shouldnt be a problem

User - posted on 06/13/2009




I have a 9 month old and she has been sleeping through the night on a pillow since she was 6 months old. I found a book called Sleeping Through the Night that helped me understand a lot. It helped me understand how to get a child on a schedule and how to help them put themselves to sleep, instead of me having to do it. Understand that it takes time and you have to work hard.
My biggest problem was I could not stand to listen to her cry when I put her down to sleep. The book said to start her on a bedtime routine so she started to learn that it was almost time for bed. So we started giving her off by dinner at the same time every night. The she had 1 hour of play time before we started the bath. She was always laid down in her crib at the same time. the book also said to put her in her crib when she was sleepy not already sleeping. After 3 months of getting up and laying her back down calmly and saying it is time to go night night, she finally got it.
Check out the book and see if it helps. Good Luck.

Amy - posted on 06/13/2009




My daughter is now 10 months old and i still have to put her to bed, we lay on my bed untill she starting to fall asleep then i put her in her bed, i don't mind doing it cause i get to spend quiet time wioth her. She also sleeps with a pillow, she's been having a pillow since she was 4 months old. I tried not to give her a pillow but everytime i put her to sleep, she would fall asleep on my pillow but the minute i put her in her bed she would wake up, so in the end i gave in to her cause this would be every night that she wouldn't sleep without a pillow, since then she has been sleeping through the night.

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