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Amanda - posted on 05/19/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm 21 years old. Im going to be a single mom. I'm due in August. I'm having a Girl. It's my first child. In a way I'm nervous, and in a way I'm excited. when the day gets here im going to be so nervous and anxious. I know for a fact that I'm going to cry like a baby. I know its going to be hard at first but in the long run I know it will turn out to be just fine. I have tons of support coming from family and friends and my room mate...there all here for me. I'm just trying to think of how im going to tell Mia ( thats the name I picked out for her) that I'm not with the baby's daddy. He cheated on me and the way he talked to my family was just unacceptable in every way it could possibly be. So thats basically much all I have to say...Please feel free to give me some advice on anything...




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Jenni - posted on 05/19/2009




Never be afraid to ask for help. If you get too frustrated, or simply need a nap (or a shower, finally! lol), let someone take over for an hour or so.

Kate - posted on 05/19/2009




Being a Mom is the hardest job you will ever have, but the most rewarding. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the people you trust. Find a good pediatrician, someone you like talking to, who doesn't rush you or talk down to you. Sleep when the baby sleeps no matter how much other stuff you have to get done. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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