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A year ago when I got my iPhone my son, being the Curious George that he is, wanted to see what mommy does on it. At first we showed him some of the games I played, but then I had the brilliant idea to search for kids games and I found a whole bunch! Many of them were a disappointment, a waste of time and money. I don’t need a video-game addicted 3 year old. But a very few were fun and educational for him.

What does a mom want for her toddler to play with on her iPhone? Read more at The Appency Press: http://theappencypress.com/2009/10/06/ma...
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Amanda - posted on 06/10/2014




I had heard of a couple of those apps, the Wheels on the Bus app has been great for my 5 year old. For more educational purposes I got Best Kids Songs and Stories and so far it's been great! It has stories and songs that teacher her english, and fun little games she can play when she doesn't feel like a story!
Hope this is helpful!

Philippa - posted on 11/16/2010




Thanks for sharing the article. I'm browsing for apps meant for us and kids. I came across and installed LETTER PEEK, I HEAR EWE for my kid and INTUITION for us moms. The last two are free and really amazing!

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