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Topaz - posted on 08/06/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter Cheyenne Emerald is a true gift from God (well, every baby is)..

I didnt know i was pregnant (yes these stories you hear ARE true) I found out when I went in for my yearly well woman exam and my Dr. told me I was 20 weeks pregnant on New Years Eve...

How did I not know, you ask?
I had no signs/symptoms, I was using birth control RELIGIOUSLY, I still had my period (no spotting, a true period), I didnt gain any weight, I actually lost weight, I was never craving anything, I never got nauseated or sick in any way, no heart burn.. you name it i didnt have it..... So when my Dr. told me I was pregnant of course i told him he was a liar. He laughed and continued with my exam.. What a way to start of the new year!

With part of my story being told. I have a question........
I went completely 100% natural- no pain meds, no epidural.. Cheyenne was 9lbs, 4 oz 20 1/2 inches long... When I tell people my story i get all kinds of remarks..
"youre crazy!!!" blah blah blah.... At first I would laugh and shake it off... now, almost 3 months later I start to get irritated... Any suggestions on how to be nice to people when they make their remarks?!


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Jeanine - posted on 08/06/2009




Wow ... I never really knew that COULD happen ... thats amazing ...i can see how some people would find it hard to believe ...but i geuss your thing is its IS true its your story . I would say ... just let them say what they want .. people are going to anyway ... I had both my daughters ALL natural ( i dont know if yours was by choice .. mine wasnt it just worked out that way ... and my last was 9lbs 2 oz) I would say to them like one of the other ladies said . "yeh i was lucky . I had a very good pregnancy and . not eveyone can do what i did " there lol

Kim - posted on 08/06/2009




i couldnt do natural or even a vaginal!!! tried with my 1st and i had complications so im now scared to have any other type of delivery apart from a c section birth and i think its awsome that you could have it that way...majorly big pain threshhold!!!..
i wouldnt worry bout what they say at the end of the day we all wish we could handle alot more than what we can whether its pain or another type of stress..i get crap heaps about not having a vaginal birth... i get called a pussy and a wuss. im pregnant with my 3rd child and we are having a c section regardless of all the teasing im getting...ive even been told im not a woman coz i wont push and ive been told i shouldnt have kids if i dont wanna push them out!!! ppeople dont think about what or how they say things b4 they say them...

Michelle - posted on 08/06/2009




Its just jelousy because they couldnt do it (i never could do it natural i dont think) Just go hmmmm yeah i must be.

Amie - posted on 08/06/2009




I wouldn't be rude. I think most people would be amazed at your story! I have 4 kids and I'm amazed! Only one was completely natural and let me tell was horrible for me! Pain meds definitely helped me get through the other 3 much easier. It's not for everyone though. I'd just say.. I know I'm lucky not everyone can do it. =)

Lyndsay - posted on 08/06/2009




Just tell them to shove it. You were there for the birth and you were the one who was informed of your child's weight/height at birth, not them, so tell them to shut the heck up.

Samantha - posted on 08/06/2009




Wow that is an amazing story! You obviously had a very lucky pregnancy. Every person is different and it is an amazing thing to go all natural. I wouldn't let it bother you, sometime's people say things that that may sound mean but they are just saying how strong and lucky you where. If it really bothers you just kindly let them know that everyone is different and different people can handle different things.

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