Is it normal for a man to spend more time with his mother than with his partner?

Charlotte - posted on 06/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Since w moved to the same town as my in-laws about 18 months ago my man who is 32 goes round to his parents' house 4 OR MORE times in the week plus once or twice at the weekend for AT LEAST an hour and a half each time.On average he spends at least 9 hours a week round at their place. He usually goes there with our son leaving me completely alone or with my twin daughters. He also calls his mum several times a week and the calls last for about an hour each time.

I have to say it really bothers me a lot. He spends more time with his mother than with me these days. I have told him but he just says I'm jealous cos my parents live in another country.I call my parents almost every day during the week whilst my man's at work, so the distance isn't that much of a problem to me.

It doesn't help the matter the fact that his parents have never liked me and their not that keen on my daughters either. They even call up my parents to complain about me every time me and my man have a row! My man used to stand up for me when his parents spoke badly of me, but now he doesn't bother.

The in-laws used to take our son every wednesday afternoon. Now they take him every tuesday night as well, without anyone asking me about it!

I feel don't feel like we form a family since we moved here. Is it normal? Or am I just acting jealous?


Elizabeth - posted on 06/16/2011




Sorry to hear that last post but it can be normal, my man goes to a member of his families house 4-5 times a week. He used to come home and get me and take me woth him but now i just sit home and wait wondering where he is. All i can say if it you two stay together, ask him to take you guys with him

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You know I moved 2300 miles from my whole family. I have a daughter 20, my mother and 3 sisters who I left behind. I have know my boyfriend since the age of 3 but we just got together 3 yrs ago and moved with his mom to out west. Since we have been here in 2 yrs, I have went home 2x and miss my daughter and family terrible, the economy here and jobs our terrible. My BF spends at least 4 days a week with his mom and daughter and I hate it!!! They BORE me to death!!! I love to hike, camp, boat and be with friends. He is an introvert and OMG I don't care what the books say on introverts, screw that!! I miss having, talking to my daughter (she has grown up since I left and was so rude to me before and needed her to go on her own) and my family!! This is such crap!!! My BF his mom gives him money and he takes it ughhhhh, never ever would I do that with my parents ever. GROW UP (50)!!! Guess what if this man ever catches a women and keeps her God bless!! He lived in a separate house before we moved and I had my own home, he fooled me and was social and went out with me, we move and it is all family!!! OMG do I feel bad moving NO, but I do love this man, he has a good heart and soul and I think his family play on that and he loves it. I already asked I'm 2nd and I deserve so much more!!! I think God put me on earth to help others, I love and care and nurture to much (daughter/spoil). My Dad died and I was with him 24/7 if needed in a chair in ICU for 4 mths and never regret 1 moment, he game me my whole life!!! My mom I love her deep, she is not a nurturer at all and it was you owe me for what ever (I gave you birth BSHIT). I expect know one to give me anything in return, our you born with that crap in your system or something? If I won the lottery I would go crazy and give, I would have to be there to see it though (so I could cry tears of joy for people with nothing). I should write a book LMAO, enough now!!! Peace out~!!!!!

Charlotte - posted on 06/16/2011




In any case we are about to split up. He wants to go not me, but he won't say why.

Laura - posted on 06/15/2011




Wow, your going through so much right now it feels like. I wish I could say I understand how you feelo but I don't. I can only tell you this. You need to have a serious conversation with your husband and your in-laws about what your feeling and make them see things from your point of view. If his folks have never been keen on you ans your twin girls than they just have to get over that because your there sons wife and the mother of his children and they have to respect you for that fact. your husband should also stick up for you more, he needs to grow some balls and tell his folks that your her husband and he loves you and hes not going to leave you just because you dont like her, they need to grow up and act there age. as for him always going over there yeah it seems like a lot of time is spent there and he should include you in that I think. he should be spending more time with you his wife than with his folks, you have to be able to find a happy medium for all this to work. he should be able to see his folks and spend time with you and the kids. you shouldnt have to fight for time with him. you need to speak up and make them all listen to you.

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