Is it normal for my 2 month old son to get eye mucus still?

Jessica L - posted on 10/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Every day my boyfriend and I are constantly cleaning massive anounts of mucus from his right eye. I was told ib the hospital it was normal and would pass but it hasnt. Im getting worried now. Does anyone have that same problem or should I take him in to be checkef out?


Amanda - posted on 10/30/2012




If you are concerned take him to a doctor. It sounds like it could be a blocked tear duct.

My son had the same issue.

I was told to use either breastmilk to clean it or a saline solution and to massage the very top of his nose up between his eyes.


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Lindsey - posted on 11/01/2012




My daughter had the same thing. She is now 3 1/2 months old and the problem is much better, but she still has a bit of drainage. It's a clogged tear duct. It's very common. I dripped breast milk in it, but it wasn't infected so that did nothing. I massaged it, too. I just made a point to massage it a bit every time I fed her. I think it has just gotten better on its own. Keep it clean and it should be fine. As always, if you get too worried, then ask your pedi at the next checkup. :)

Rebecca - posted on 10/30/2012




a clogged tear duct will do that here in Canada the doctors wont do anything unless it lasts over a year my son had that problem for a year they were just starting to talk about doing something when it cleared up

massage the duct with a warm damp cloth it will be more comfortable for him then just using your finger if it starts getting red and sore it might just need to be cleaned\massaged more often and keep a close eye out for infections

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