Is it normal to be so Moody/ irritable to my spouse/kids all the time?

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I'm a mom of 3, work full time, I'm just so moody and snap so easily over things. I have very little patience with homework, etc and get so mad. I snap at my husband over anything and find myself doing to my older children as well and just wanting to be left alone. Is it just stress or am I depressed or something. I don't cry over anything....just basically MOOODY! Dr has offered me antidepressants, but im not sure I'm depressed?


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Big hug for you!

Do you ever have any "you" time? To go for a walk alone or a massage or pedicure or something? Moms nights out are also helpful.

Before I found the right balance I would be so mad the second Nick would come home from work. I'm a stay at home. The second he walked in, I was just so mad. This being the first time that I haven't worked I felt stuck at home, like I lost myself. My sense of independence was gone. It took me almost a year and a half to figure things out.

Now its way less. Maybe once a month if I've had a rough day with Annabelle.

Maybe talking to your husband might help. Using sentences like "I'm feeling especially moody today. Can you try to make me laugh?" (laughing always helps me feel better)
You could also try taking 10mins for yourself when you get home, breath, stretch really give yourself time to fully leave work at work.

When I feel moody, I give myself a few breaths before replying to anyone. Gives me time to answer thoughtfully and not from my emotions.

Antidepressants might not be a bad idea but I would try exercise, maybe change your diet (you maybe lacking something Vitamin D perhaps) and taking some mommy time before trying the drugs. Remember it takes time so give it a month or two of really trying something out before moving to something different.

You are obviously a strong, capable woman (you have 3 & work full time! I applaud you) I'm sure you will be able to get past this.

You can do it!

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