is it ok for a baby to sleep in a play pen?

Sean - posted on 07/10/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




hi i have a problem
my daughter was sleeping in a crib and we did not know she could stand. one day she surprised us by climbing out of the crib and bumping her head. she was ok but i had decided to lower the mattress board and when i did the head board of the crib fell and broke the metal clip and wood of the mattress board making it unusable. she has been sleeping in her pac n play for the last 2 days.
another crib will cost us like $400 and she is 1 yr old so will only be in it for maximum of another year. my dilemma is should i let her sleep in the pac n play or should i buy her another crib.
is it ok for a baby to sleep in the pac n play all the time? i really don't know if being so close to the floor and sleeping on such a firm surface will be ok for her. also she still take a bottle to bed (i know it is bad but don't lecture me please) and my problem with that is since the mattress of the pac n play is not made of vinyl like the crib mattress it will be hard to keep clean from milk stains.
does any one elses bub sleep in a play pen?



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My son still sleeps in a pack n play and likely will for a while. It's much smaller and fits nicer into our bedroom where I'm more comfortable. My pediatrician has no problem with it. It's really the same thing. Babies need a firm mattress anyway. I have a waterproof absorbent pad underneath the crib sheet and wash it as necessary.

Jen - posted on 07/10/2009




You can let her sleep in the pac-n-play until you are ready to switch her to a toddler or twin bed with rails. As for the milk dripping, you can buy the thin washable crib mattress covers and it will lay on top of the pack and play mattress and soak up any dripped milk. If your are concerned about the hardness of the mattress you could probably always just put the crib mattress in the floor and let her sleep on top of it.

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My son has been sleeping in a play pin for a couple of years and he did fine. Later on he did know how to climb in and out of it but I just reminded him that bedtime is for sleeping and he can play again the next day. He never climbed out in the middle of the night. I put a baby comfoter in the play pin so it wouldn't be so hard to sleep on and just tucked the sides in under the bottom board. Know I am not sure about milk stains but stephen used to take off his diaper at nap time when he pooped and smeared it all over the place. I was able to get it cleaned and sanitized so I am pretty sure you will be fine with milk just clean it up as soon as possible makes it easier. Hope this helps.

Keela - posted on 07/10/2009




My newborn slept in the pack n play. they are making them as "bassinets" now. The only difference is the floor is raised.

Deidre - posted on 07/10/2009




totally fine to let them sleep in the playpen. My daughter sleeps in one when we travel. I suggest looking into maybe a toddler bed instead of another crib but until then to just stick with the playpen if she's okay with it. The firmness of it doesn't matter. I don't really have any suggestions with the milk issue though other than maybe this is a time to break her of the habit of using milk to help her fall asleep.

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