Is it OK to let my 3 year old play on the iPad?

Adi - posted on 11/03/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little one loves to play a Puzzle game (Sea Puzzle), and I find it harmless.... even skill-building! But people in my life disagree.. any opinions?


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Chet - posted on 11/05/2014




My husband and I both have advanced degrees in computer science. We have four children, and all of our kids have had their access to TV, video games, tablets, computers, smartphones etc, seriously restricted.

Our five year old has never used a computer or played games on a phone or tablet. Our 6.5 year old didn't use a computer until he started school, and he could probably name every time he's played on a smartphone or tablet because it's happened so rarely (and we have an excessive number phones and tablets because of work).

My husband and I both felt that technology didn't need any help from us. Our kids would have no trouble finding it and learning to use it on their own. We decided that our efforts were better spent encouraging creative play, development of vocabulary, social skills, interest in books, experimentation with real work objects, etc. I didn't want computer games and screen time to eat into the time they spent working on those things, I didn't want digital technology to make those things seem boring, and I wanted them to associated technology with getting a job done more than as a form of entertainment.

Our girls are older and do use computers sometimes now, but not to accomplish specific things. One of our daughters has been using the computer to make crossword puzzles with her spelling words for example, and I'm okay with that because it's much faster and neater than doing it by hand.

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I think it is perfectly fine, my 4 year old knows how to use mine better than me. I also have a 8 yr old and he played with technology the end result was it became very helpful when he started school the same with my 4 yr old. K-12th grade have to sign contracts to use the computers and tablet responsible. I agree it is HARMLESS

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