Is it ok to occasionally give my 8 1/2 month old daughter cows milk?

Ashley Nichole - posted on 03/05/2013 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have reasurched it and researched it and theres people that say theyve done it with there kids and everything was fine then there are people saying it will cause my daughter to have medical problums. formula is just so darn expensive i get wic for both my kids but still have to buy 1 to 2 big cans a month and at 26 bucks a pop its alot


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Holly - posted on 03/16/2013




Talk to your pediatrician and see what they have to say. If your baby is developing well and starting with food there shouldn't be any reason not to give them milk especially as a drink with food. But always discuss diet changes with the doctor first if you are unsure.

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Um... No.
Why would you want to give your child something that's not going to do much for her except make her feel full. Formula isn't like milk you buy in the store. Giving her milk is just going to make her feel full but she wont be getting the nutrients that she gets from formula.
How about next time you're hungry, you just drink some water instead of eating some food? See how that is.

Holly - posted on 03/15/2013




Cow milk is for baby COWS not humans. It doesn't have the proper nutrition that the developing brain and body need. Buy the formula. That is a terrible idea.

Venessa - posted on 03/14/2013




If your child is drinking formula with no problems, then you keep them on the formula. Yes, formula is expensive but having a child is expensive. But to remove your child off of it because of the price is absurd. (This is just my opinion) Unless your doctor has suggested other wise then no.

My son has been on 3.25% homoganized since he was 9 months old, the only reason for that is because he began to refuse formula, of any kind. At first I thought it was just he didn't want the bottle, but put the formula in a sippy cup and no go. I took him to his pediatrician and he gave me the okay. But if my son didn't refuse it, he would still be on formula. Quality and care trumps cost everytime.

So ideally I would strongly suggest keeping your child on the formula unless other wise directed by your physician or pediatrician.

Please keep in mind our children are worth every penny to be cared for properly. You do what it takes and what ever the cost. You can also check out the manufacturers websites and you maybe able to get coupons to help lower the cost for you.

Jodi - posted on 03/05/2013




No, it's not okay. Not only does cow's milk not have enough nutrients in it for your child, but research has actually shown it can actually DEPLETE the iron stores your child already has. You could potentially be affecting your child's health.

I understand that formula is expensive, but believe me, children only get more expensive as they get older. You can't compromise your child's potential health because of lack of affordability. Babies are expensive. You need to find other ways to cut back.

Sarah - posted on 03/05/2013




I am assuming you mean 8 1/2 month old? No it is not good to give a baby under the age of 12 months cows milk. Formula has a higher nutrientions and fat content in it then cows milk. A baby under 12 months needs those nutrients and extra fat for proper brain development. During the first year of a child's life they grow so fast and develop at such a fast rate that in order for their bodies to develop properly they are needing extra nutriention and fat then what a child needs. Cows milk is also not formulated for a baby's stomach and it can cause for an upset stomach or constipation.

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