Is it possible that i may be pregnant ?

VICTORIA - posted on 01/05/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




lately i have been having some serious mood swings mainly crying for no reason and angry i feel generally ill i cant eat any and everything and certain smells gets me upset. i have two kids ages 7 and 5 so i guess i should know if i am pregnant but my period comes as usual but not for very long and it is light after the first day
if have taken tests and they were negative but what makes me a bit more concern and confused is that a doctor asked me if were possible that i could be pregnant can u guys help me


Shakima - posted on 01/08/2013




I always got a blood test to confirm if I was or was not pregnant because for my first & second,i didnt find out I was with cchild until I felt them move... All test came back negitive fot my 1st I found out when I was 5months & my second when I was 4.5months... For my 3rd I found out at 3 months because I did the blood test... My hormones arent strong enough to show in the urine... :-(


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Heather Anastasia - posted on 01/06/2013




A pregnancy test can often come back as a false negative. You should go to your OBGYN and ask for a pregnancy test. Between the blood test and urine test you can't go wrong.

Liz - posted on 01/06/2013




Doctors have to ask you if there's any way you could be pregnant before prescribing any medications or doing any medical procedures. So the doc probably didn't ask you because he/she thought you were. The only way to know for sure if you are is to go to the doc and get a blood test, or an ultrasound.

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you could be testing too early. if you test before your period is due it may be too early and would get a negative result. I would wait a week and take another or wait until your period is late. You could go and get a blood test done too to be sure

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