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Samantha - posted on 08/27/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




I was told by my husband's dad (age 64) that it is safe to give a baby diluted baking soda in a bottle to help neutralized acid for acid reflux. I found nothing on line that favored that and a nurse who also wouldn't recommend it. I'm not for this idea at all, just gathering information....


Morgan - posted on 08/28/2009




im a nurse and i would seriously not recommend that. if your baby is having trouble with acid reflux you need to talk to a dr. not only is baking soda not good for your digestive system but if you neutralize the stomach acid too much in your babys belly you can do some serious damage to his/her digestive system. please dont do that and contact a dr to treat your child.


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Nikkie - posted on 08/28/2009




My LO had acid reflux and we used GAVISCON yes GAVISCON for adults. You are allowed to give him 1-1.5 ml three times daily. It worked wonders for us!

Allegra - posted on 08/27/2009




I've never heard of it either. My son had acid reflux bad as a baby and the medicine they gave him worked wonders. Maybe you should talk to their doctor about what's best.

Laura - posted on 08/27/2009




I have 2 sons who have acid reflux one is 5 months old and the other is almost 3 yrs old. My 3 yr old was premature and because of that the sphincter muscle never got the chance to fully mature and he has been treated since he was a month old with meds or its just awful for him ( his loose diapers will cause a very sore bottom and his tummy hurts-awful) My 5 month old does not have it as bad but he is still treated with meds to help or he screams like he is a colicky baby. I would talk to your doctor who can try to treat him/her with zantac or generic prilosec and maybe even refer you to a gastroenterologist ( sorry spelling) tummy doctor if you already haven't gone. Any info you get from a doctor is helpful. Hope this helps!!

Lisa - posted on 08/27/2009




have you tried myliconn drops or little tummies? they sell at wal-mart or babies r us...they are for gas and stomach issues in babies.

Alyson - posted on 08/27/2009




Its probably nothing that would hurt, really. But like everyone else has said, if you question it at all, don't do it until you get professional information.

Mary - posted on 08/27/2009




I took this from a site I found. They are talking about the affects of giving baking soda to an ADULT. It sounds a little intimidating to an adult so I definitely would not give it to an infant.

"You've got to be careful when using baking soda for acid reflux. ----Too much and you will be asking for trouble.----- Your doctor should be consulted initially. The general rule of thumb is about a half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of baking soda to 1-3 ounces of water.

Just stir or swirl the mixture around so it dissolves and swallow it. You may need to wait for several minutes but what you're looking for is that welcoming belch which feels like a ton of pressure has just been released. (Might be a good idea to use it when no one else is around)."

The website I found called this method one of the oldest remedies for treating acid reflux... so I'm sure there's somether better out there. But you're right, I definitely wouldn't be giving this to my baby.

A friend of mine used to put a little rice cereal in with her baby's bottle. She had to open the holes in the nipples a little more with a pin but it always seemed to work pretty well with her. :) Good luck!

Tammy - posted on 08/27/2009




tums is calcium carbonate, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, i wonder if he just got those mixed up. but i definitely wouldnt give that since baking soda is a salt. i've heard of giving a baby a drop of vinegar, or suck on a pickle to settle their stomach, but those wont work for acid reflux. reflux happens in babies because a sphincter lets stomach contents back into their throat, so its more of a valve issue rather than an acid level issue (i think). some babies have it for a while then grow out of it, but if its really bothering your baby talk to your dr.

Tonya - posted on 08/27/2009




My daughter has really bad acid reflux and I never heard of anything like that. We've gone through two types of meds and I have to put cereal in her bottle. I'd talk to your doctor. I'm kinda paranoid that way and only do stuff that they ok. Just call the nurse line at your doctors office, they'll know what you should do.

Charity - posted on 08/27/2009




I would never give something like that to my baby, but ask your doctor. They have stuff for babies that you can get from the store, it's worth the money.

Jhonabell - posted on 08/27/2009




If you have doubts about anything that pertains to your child’s health, you should call your doctors first. Everyone has an opinion but I think the safest person to ask is your pediatrician.

Katie - posted on 08/27/2009




they sells stuff for gas and whatnot but if it is that big of a problem i would consult your dr before giving that to your baby. if a nurse said no i would take that for the answer they are very knowledgeable. good luck!

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I wouldn't do it. I would drink baking soda as an adult for acid reflux, why would i give it to my kid?

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