Is it true what some people say about your pets when youre pregnant?

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Ok, so first Ive got a weird situation, and I think I might be 14wks pregnant. Ive posted about this "situation" already, but....I have a strange feeling that I actually really am--without first going to the doctor.....And Im curious.....

Copper (my 5yrOld male American Cocker Spaniel) has been acting.....different.....with me.

So Ive heard that they say if youre close to your pets (especially dogs), that they know--they can basically sense it--when their female owners are pregnant....

...and its as if Copper KNOWS that Im he just knows its there inside me....

*I left late July 2012 for my vacation to England to spend time with my (British) boyfriend. I came home very end of Aug.2012. me and the boyfriend wouldve conceived mid-Aug while I was with him. Copper has been acting this way SO MUCH MORE since around mid-late Sept too.

He was always more gentle and patient and wanting attention before I left....but NOTHING like hes been lately.....

*Hes careful when jumping up at me—moreso than before I left...and most of the time it seems he tries to avoid hitting my abdomen when he DOES jump up on me. Plus he jumps up at me FAR less than ever used to.--but his jumping habits have not changed at all towards the rest of the family. lol

*ALWAYS wants my attention--like how little kids always want their mommies attention when a new baby comes along?--thats Copper lately; he's like my little baby anyway (he knows who takes care of him, too *me*).

Its like hes thinking "Must. Be. With. Mommy!!!" ALL the time. lol

((All I do is come into his range of vision--and his stubby tail goes crazy and just wants to be with me. He walks away from playing with my younger sisters to follow and be with me--no matter what! And hates it when I leave him for even 2mins and not take him with me!--cries and whines, even at bedtime when I go to the bathroom.))

*Then the random occasional times that he touches his nose to my abdomen? Almost like to say “hi” to the baby? … NEVER did that before.

Is it true what some say about their pets and pregnancy?

Has anyone else has similar experiences with their dogs like this?


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yeah my cats were very upset and thought when baby was born I still would not give them attention. they still get the attention and they love the baby.

Jami - posted on 11/10/2012




my dog and I were very close before I got pregnant with my it would have been difficult for him to want to be with me even more. My mom's dog though, he liked me but he wasn't "into" me until after I found out I was pregnant (about 4/5 weeks). after I got pregnant he was on me all the time and walked super close to me and really wouldn't let any of the other dogs near me except mine.


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OBGYN appointment with the nurse practitioner at our doctors office:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov.13th, 2012) at 2p.

Also tomorrow: Job interview at 10a.

Wish me luck!

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yeah, thats about when it was with Copper. I would have been about...around 6-7weeks or so I guess. From my July31st start,...conception around Aug14th....then he started this around mid Sept.... so yeah, about the same then.

I just know I need an appt. so I can find out if I really am.

They were supposed to be in til 12p today, and when I called earlier today, I was told they left early and to call after 9a Monday. I Was Pissed.

The way I see it--If they are supposed to be in until 12-noon, then SOMEONE should be there until 12-noon!!!! No Matter What.

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