is it wrong to want ppl to be quiet around my son when he sleeps?

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My sons 7months old and his always had problems getting off to sleep. My parents insist that he should get use to noise, i do agree with it but they make noise on purpes. Ill put him down to sleep and my mum will start hoovering or banging about or slamming the bath room door wich is right next to where he sleeps, every time we say can u keep the noise down they turn round and say his gotta get use to noise or u slept though when u was a baby or they go when weve had him his slep through. Am i wrong?. And they think its ok if uve spent 2 hours trying to get him off 2 sleep and they come along going aww wake him up and they do, then his proper shitty and wont ho bk off. They proper piss me off lol.


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I agree with some of these other posts that you can work into a "calm" noise, like the humidifier, to start with..... But yeah....if your parents are purposely doing to somehow "force" him to try to sleep through it--it might not work the way they want. They come back saying "well YOU slept through as a baby" retaliate with "not ALL babies are the same!"--which is completely true. some will sleep soundly through loud noises, others will wake at the slightest of sounds.

He will get used to sounds and trying to sleep through them as he gets older--but they shouldnt expect him to yet at so little and young is he still.

So no, I dont think you are wrong--I think your parents are wrong.

Best of Luck!

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It is your house they should follow what you want or they should leave. That being said, yes your baby should get used to sleeping through noise. If they go off to college they will have to sleep through all kinds of noise. Both of my kids have a cheap (less than $15) fan from Wal-Mart in each of their rooms. It worked so well with our daughter that when our son came along earlier this year we went ahead and bought one for his room. You should test it out and make sure that it does cancel out any noise outside of their room. I can sit in my daughters room right next to her bed and not hear my son in the next room crying. I don't even hear my husband or the dog going up and down the hardwood stairs that are right outside her room either. Good Luck.

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One thing I found is starting at the beginning. Both my kids can sleep through anything. But we never were quiet while they slept. In the beginning they are used to noise and normally sleep better with it.

Besides that, is it your house? If so, tell them they can follow your rules or not be allowed over so often. At their house, it is their rules. You have a right to ask them to be quiet, but the don't have to listen. I know that's not what you want to hear...

If you live with them, maybe it is time to move out. Make your own rules at your house.

Good luck!!

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Try getting a white noise machine or a fan to put on in his room. This will drown out the noises from the outside and also make a consistant noise so the loud noise here and there are not so startling.

I think you have to have a combo of both consideration for a sleeping baby and also a tolerance for noise. I have a 14 yr old, 11 yr old and a 1 yr old. I can't expect my kids to tip toe around the house when the baby is napping, but at the same time there is a baby in the house and yelling or rough housing has it's time and place.

Your parents are who they are. Trying to change that is not going to work, but trying to find a solution to the issue can. Sometimes thinking outside the box solves the problem.

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Yea. . .your parents are kind of being jerks.

I believe that kids should be able to sleep through general noise. Reasonable talking, TV, emptying the dishwasher, etc.

My grandma (who I lived with), as soon as I went to bed, starting when I was very little, every sound in the house was gone. The whole house was just silent. It used to be kinda freaky, for a while I was convinced that when I went to bed, my grandparents disappeared :P

It was absolutely impossible for me to sleep if there was ANY noise in the house. The dog walking around, voices, a car going down the road. . .I'd wake up.

When I hit about 13, I started sleeping with music on. It took me forever to adjust, but now I can sleep with some noise.

So wanting your child to be used to sleeping with a reasonable amount of noise is understandable. But making extra noise when he's just gone to sleep, and on purpose. . .well I don't have very nice things to say about that.

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Me and my fiance live with my parents, sister + 2dogs lol, we are waiting on a house atm. His never in a completely quiet room cause he sleeps with us and the tvs on. Its just the whole slamming doors and making noise on perpures. They make us feel like we dont even no our own son, if we say anything it just causes arguments, they wont listen. Cant wait to get our own place lol x

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Is it only a mama instinct to be quiet when a baby is sleeping? I feel like we work hard to get a baby to sleep; thus, we naturally talk softer, don't slam doors, etc. There's nothing wrong with wanting a sleeping environment for a baby. Have you tried some sort of noise? I use a humidifier in my little one's room. It used to take me HOURS to get her to stay asleep, and then I sleep trained her. I know that there are a lot of conflicting opinions on it, but I had to do something. I didn't just lay her down and let her cry. I rocked her, put her in her crib and comforted her every 2 minutes or so. After 4 nights, we were golden! Now, I can rock her to sleep every night, and she can wake up or stir when she is laid down and put herself back to sleep. That is not the case with napping, though. If something wakes her up she doesn't always go back to sleep.

If I have a lot of people over, or I am not at home, then I know that I can't be too picky about making sure that everyone is quiet and no one wakes her up. At home, however, if you routinely have your parents over, then I don't think there is anything wrong with asking that they be quiet. If one of them was sleeping, and you were being noisy, then I don't think they would hesitate to ask you to be quiet.

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