Is my son developing slower then he should?

Jill - posted on 07/11/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am a young mom[21] and I have a 2.5 year old, only child. Poor thing had 2 seizures when he was 14 months old. One lasted only 3min. the other lasted 45min. It is a miracle he is alive. Because this happened I am a little worried about how he is developing. I have no idea how other 2 years old's are supposed to act since he is my first child.
I don't think he is talking enough. I have seen other 2 two year old's and some have full vocabularies. My son talks, but usually not in full sentences. And most words only my boyfriend and I understand. He does try to sing to all the songs in the movies he watches, so I know thats a good sign. And he will say his abc's and 123's with me.
I don't have any friends with kids so he doesn't go on play dates=( I don't have enough money to but him in preschool or daycare so he can interact with other kids. I am not sure if interacting with other kids help.
Any advice would be great. thank you.


Amy - posted on 07/11/2009




I completely feel for you. I can't imagine what you go through as a mom when he has seizures. I can tell you that my son started off a little slower as far as speaking clearly and having a full vocabulary. He is 4 and half right now and still sometimes he jumbles up his words. I've come to see that every child goes at their own pace and are special and unique. You can't generalize for each child. My friend has a daughter 2 months older than my son and when she does does something I know that my son will follow usually 4-5 months after. Maybe if you take him to the park or someplace free like that where he can get the social skills from other children. I would just keep doing the best you can and he will learn alot. My son did great with flash cards and repeating things after i say them. Good luck :)

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Every child moves at their own pace. My son is also 2 and he does not talk clearly yet but he tries and sometimes its understandable. Try finding mom's groups online for ppl in your area to start interacting him with more kids. Sometimes that can help speed up his vocabulary just by being around kids his age. Try to read to him more and play with him more. Daycare can also help as well b/c they teach kids there but I understand you cannot afford it. I also put on educational shows and cartoons. I dont really like to let my son watch non-educational stuff. The more you interact with a child to boost their brain knowledge, the more they're vocab starts to blossom. You can also ask your child's pediatrician about his development and they can also give helpful info. I hope that little bit helps!


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Natasha - posted on 07/13/2009




My son is almost 2 and this sounds pretty normal.
If you are concerned, take him to the doctor they will be able to tell you for sure. All kids develop at their own pace and it might be that your son has had a little bump in the road. A friend of mine has a 2 and a half year old that doesn't speak at all and a speech therapist said that he is perfectly normal.

Emma - posted on 07/12/2009




I can only imagine how it felt to have t owatch your son have those seizures. My nephew turned 3 in june and he has only just started talking properly and still somtimes we can't understand what he is trying to say but every child is different. I wouldn't worry as he is doing most things that 2/3 year olds do.

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Hi, Jill! My daughter is only 13weeks, but I have this really good website I rely on to answer alot of questions like that. It's a very trusting site w a lot of helpful information. Its You should check it out. You can "register" your child and they will send you weekly emails about his or her development and different things. Really good website.

Jill - posted on 07/11/2009




Thank you so much. Its just hard being a 21 year old mom with absolutely no friends with kids.
From what you said he seems to be right on track. He can point to the parts of his body. I just get nervous because of his seizures, but I can over react a little! lol
I do take him to the park, but since you mentioned it I can always take him to church groups.
thanks so much for your advise

Mandy - posted on 07/11/2009




Hi Jill :)

Wow it must have been very tough seeing your little boy have seizure! I have worked with epilespy for a long time and know how scary seizures can be.

Although seizures can cause slower development in children this usually is only the case if children have many prolonged seizures (4 or 5 every day for example).

My son is also 2 and a half and the truth is all kids really are different. My son is very vocal but he has friends the same age who only say two or three words.

For an average child it is expected that they will be able too:

By 18 months say between 6 and 20 recognisable words but understands many more. But some children are easier to understand than others. As long as you can understand what he says then don't worry that is fine, he will become clearer in time.

By 2 years put at least two words together and can point to parts of the body (but this is down to practice too)

By 3-3 and half - Can talk well in sentences and talk clearly enough to be understood by strangers.

So your son sounds to be absolutley fine!! and where he should be for his age. My son started talking alot more when he started interacting with other children. I like you couldn't afford to pay for nuresry etc so instead took him to local parks to try and meet other kids, as well free play groups often run in church halls, or community centers. It's also a good way for kids to learn how to form frendships etc.

hope this has helped, and don't worry your son sound fine x x

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