Is there a REAL way??

Cassie - posted on 04/18/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




So my question is, is there any way to tell what you are having? Boy or Girl. I mean is there really a way to tell or is it just a myth?!


Caroline - posted on 04/18/2009




Ultrasound or amniocentesis. Ultrasound is very reliable, especially if your baby is positioned in a way that the tech can get a good look. Sometimes babies can be shy. Amnio will tell you for sure based on the babies chromosomes (XY for boy, XX for girl) but it involves a very big needle and isn't done unless you're at risk for complications. All the other stuff (carrying high or low, wide or in front, etc) is just for fun and doesn't tell you anything.


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Niki - posted on 04/20/2009




I just knew with my daughter. I also had a dream about her while pregnant. I honestly didnt think that i could be right because in my dream my daughter had blonde hair and blue eyes, and i have brown hair and hazel eyes and my husband's hair is very dark brown with brown eyes. Sure enough my 13 month old has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair! I think that moms just know sometimes. The thing about how you are carrying is definitely a myth. My stomach looked like id swallowed a basketball while pregnant with her, and people thought i was having a boy all of the time. They were so sure that they told me that ultrasounds were not always correct and i might be surprised! Boy was i glad that the doctor announced she was still a she when she arrived! Otherwise my little boy would have had a lot of pink to wear!

Brenda - posted on 04/19/2009




Ultrasound, but be careful, because though usually accurate, sometimes girls can turn into boys because the genetalia hasn't dropped down at the time the ultrasound is done. Mistaking a boy for a girl is a LOT harder, and is much more rare. All the rest, blah. Everything has said I'm supposed to have a girl. Its a boy. After about seven or eight ultrasounds so far due to my gestational diabetes, he's still a he. Even the chinese calendar was wrong this time on me. Was right for my son, but not this one!

Jocelyn - posted on 04/19/2009




an ultrasound can tell you. But my best friends father can also "tell", he can put his hand on your belly and and he just knows lol he's got like 95% accuracy :)

Kim - posted on 04/19/2009




I had a dream I had a little boy. Sure enough the ultrasound confirmed it. I had a boy. As far as the other stuff they may be myths but I still think their fun to try. I don't remember if they were right or not though.

Sophie - posted on 04/19/2009




no sorry its a myth i have a boy and girl and i carried them exactly the same,i thought the second time i was having another boy but were surprised with a little girl.

Rachel - posted on 04/19/2009




i was told i was having a boy at my 18wk ultrasound but i ruefused to believe it i felt like i was having a girl. Anyway turned out they were right i had a boy. I don't think there is any real way of telling.

Lisa - posted on 04/18/2009




I think its all myths, even though with my boy i carried way different to my girls. I didnt put on alot of weight and had a big basketball stomach with my boy. With the girls i put on 19 kgs with both and was round everywhere but could be coincidence!! Couldnt tell by morning sickness- got worse with each pregnancy.

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Yeah. You go in for an ultrasound =]

I've been right with both of my kids. If your really sick its a girl if not, its a boy.

This girl at work said something about drain-o... something about what color it turns. Never tried it myself - i don't think it worked for her anyways.

Misty - posted on 04/18/2009




When I was pregnant my baby's father knew I was having a girl... she was a girl.... What do you feel your having, your probably right... I have a thought that if you have really bad morning sickness it's a girl if not it's a boy.... I have been right 2/2 so far with that analogy...

Sarah - posted on 04/18/2009




I know they are myths but the one where you stick a needle in the eraser of a pencil and then hold it over the palm of your hand one has always been right in our family. My mom did it with my sisters and I when we were little, as did her mom with her kids. All predictions have been right on. Except mine said I would have 2 boys and 1 girl. But the last was twin girls so not far off.

Angela - posted on 04/18/2009




my kids' dad just knew. our 1st pregnancy, we picked out the name cameron. i said it would work for either sex, dad said nope it's a boy. we found out it was twins, i hoped for boy/girl, dad said both boys, and they were. our second pregnancy, he wouldn't say anything. i thought it was a boy, dad wouldn't confirm. i was wrong, a little girl, dad admits he just knew she was a girl. i guess i must have believed dad's predictions, before we found out for sure with each pregnancy, i bought a blue outfit with the boys and a pink outfit with our girl. it's so weird how sometimes you just know!

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