Is there any mom working towards her PhD? If so, tell me how you are getting your work done


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Wow! I can't imagine working long distance! My degree program is in materials science, and I'm probably a year or 18 months away from completion. Finished with classes and teaching, so I'm just working on my research. My husband and I are at the same university, and my son is in daycare near campus, so we minimize commuting time. Right now, I work a standard 9-5 day, and then get some more work done from home after my son goes to bed around 8pm. I'm often up until midnight or later working on data analysis and reading articles. Unfortunately household chores often get moved down the list of priorities so that I can keep up with my research. I also use my time on the weekends as much as possible, trying to get work done while my son takes his naps. I have to say that I've found that I work better and parent better though, when I don't try to work while he's awake. I'm too distracted to accomplish anything, so I try to either devote myself fully to him when he's awake, and keep my focus on work when he's sleeping or at daycare. I think the transition back to working was very difficult, as I was often just counting down the minutes until I'd be picking him up from daycare. Actually, still do that, but I've gotten better at utilizing my time in the lab.

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Wow... I am doing Phd in mech (CFD) and on top of that, I am doing it long distance! Yes, since my husband finished his PhD before I did, he moved to Boston because of job. And while I was finishing up (in one of my trips to Boston I got pregnant). I took six months off, but because of my baby, I am satying back here in Boston. And Gosh, it is so hard to get things done (My boy is 10 months now!). I am sending him to daycare for five hours a day three days a week but I feel thats not enough but then again, since I am not getting my stiphend, I cannot afford more than that. Anyways, can you elaborate a bit more on your schedule? Would love to get some tips!

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My husband and I are both currently working on our PhDs in engineering, and we have a one year old baby boy. To be honest, getting work done is quite a challenge. I spend full days in my lab, and my son goes to daycare. I put in 8 hour days, go home and play with my baby boy, and then stay up several hours after he goes to bed to do some extra work. I don't think I'm nearly as productive as I was before my son was born, but I'm still getting by. It also helps that my husband is also in grad school, so we can arrange our schedules to allow the other to work late, etc.

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