It's Gross!! But need Help Please!!!!!

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hi , i am having a medical issue , see i have yellow-green dishcharge,burning urination , sorness down there . but i have been tested for every std and yeast infection , and everything has come back Negative . They even did blood work and a urine anyalsis and it all came back normal . Does anyone know what it could be ? Is anyone going through the same problem ?
Please Help .


Genia - posted on 11/18/2010




a few years back I had a similar problem - yeast infection-like symptoms, but testing for yeast infections showed up negative, using otc yeast infection treatments, dr prescribed ones, and dr prescribed antibiotics all didn't help. After that i started trying out various natural methods of candida over-growth treatments (candida overgrowth causes many of the yeast infections out there)...some of the most effective were cutting back on sweets, eating raw garlic (I crush a clove, shop it into pill sized pieces and swallow like medicine), inserting a slightly lacerated raw clove of garlic like a tampon (I know that sounds completely wacky but garlic is nature's antibiotic, it really works...I used a needle to put a thread through it and then pushed it up next to my cervix), using coconut oil topically to sooth my irritated skin (coconut oil is also an anti-fungal, and candida/yeast are fungi), taking cranberry pills...can't remember anything else. Oh, probiotics! Taking those and also inserting them vaginally. This yahoo group is very informative -

I know that all sounds crazy, but if nothing else it's something to try while the doctors try to figure out what's going on.

Oh, and no sex, of course. HTH!

Meghan - posted on 11/27/2010




ok so since the first test wasn't BV (sorry I didn't read that first) I'd get tested again for it, honestly... and I would agree with drinking water almost exclusively. if you don't like cranberry juice (i don't) take cranberry pills (yes they make those for this reason) water and cranberry juice can REALLY make a difference. Also I'd cut back on any sweets and sodas and caffinated beverages

Nicole - posted on 11/19/2010




See, I would have said Bacterial Vaginosis, too. I, for some reason, get Vaginosis within a few weeks of delivering all of my babies. BUT, my signs were never as obvious as yours. I always developed Vaginitis/Cervicitis (inflammation) and would have spotting due to the vaginosis/painful intercourse and that would indicate that something was wrong. My last doctor theorized that it was because I took baths religiously too early following giving birth to my children. lol Ooops...

Bacterial Vaginosis has signs that are commonly misdiagnosed by the woman as a yeast infection.

You could have Bacterial Vaginosis that has caused Vulvovaginitis-inflammation of the vagina and vulva (which would explain the burning while urinating)-along with Cervicitis (which would explain the soreness). IDK???? Just guessing here.... I hope it gets better soon!

Why doesn't your doctor just go ahead and give you a script for an antibiotic specific for bacterial infections??? That would cover several vaginal problems and would give you some relief. hmmm....

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Yunalozole - posted on 05/21/2014




i am having this EXACT problem....except here's the thing. before i took the meds for the YI the itching and irritation and discharge was a lot worse and now its going away! but my doctors office called and my yeast tests came back negitive.....

Kimi - posted on 11/28/2010




I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. I started using fragrance free soaps and laundry detergent. I also used nystacin cream for a few days(because I had some anyway). Make sure you drink lots of water and get extra probiotics. I was fine within a week. I think it was all caused by a cold I had. I didn't see a doctor for it so I'll never know for sure.

Meghan - posted on 11/27/2010




and also I wouldn't trust everything you read on wikipedia...all information on there is put there by us common folk, not an MD, OBGYN, DVM anything! I'd definitely be checked for bacterial vaginosis...

Meghan - posted on 11/27/2010




it could be vaginal infection (there are more than just yeast infections) like bacterial vaginosis. have a pap-smear done... hope this helps

[deleted account]

some people have said this happens after u give birth but my sons 2 . so that doesnt apply to me . at this point everything is at a stand still . the new doc is running the tests now hope he finds what it is . i have to wait for the results .

Nicole - posted on 11/22/2010




that sort of discharge is definitely an infection. Go to the doctor and insist on more tests. You dont want to let an infection go untreated, especially if you recently gave birth. An infection in the uterus can cause damage.

Brittney - posted on 11/22/2010




It could be something as simple as a yeast infection or even something like a skin allergy to your body wash/laundry detergent, or underwear that is something besides cotton. All these things are really irritating and sex always makes these things even more painful.

[deleted account]

Thank you for your replys ! But i been tested for BV and it was negative and just in case the doctor gave me flagyl which is an antibiotic that cures BV and that didnt even help a little bit so thats not it . i just saw a specailist today and he said sometimes doctors miss it and thats why its important to retest so thats what he did . so i will know those results in a week .

Emma - posted on 11/22/2010




discharge is normal depending on the colur and sometimes the discharge can look a different colour in ya knickers and as for the stinging cant really help all i can think of is you may have particulary strong urine may be try and drink plenty of water hope this helps

Rachel - posted on 11/22/2010




i had somethin sounding like that a few weeks after having my daughter i had lots of tests that come up negative also i felt discusting but it eventually went away on its own i took multivitamins but i doubt that made a difference hopefully it goes away on its own soon for ur benifits

Rita M. - posted on 11/21/2010




once i got something similar, and it was that instead of wiping top to bottom, i did it opposite and it got a little doc gave me a purple pill that turned my urine pumpkin orange, in less than a week i felt okay again.
hope you figure it out soon! and get well soon too!!

Stifler's - posted on 11/20/2010




I was only suggesting that haha not diagnosing. I'd suggest that you just go to the doctor and have an examination of your vagina, dw they see that sort of stuff every day.

Jackie - posted on 11/20/2010




Ive heard the bacterial vaginosis and to a point it does make sense but parts of it dont match up at all. WebMD is a really good place to look. Ive diagnosed myself through there a few times and when I went to the doctor he agreed.

Sarh - posted on 11/18/2010




I see some moms suggested bacterial vaginosis, but your symptoms/signs don't match up!

I know you had blood work and a urine analysis, so I assume no UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)? What about a Kidney infection?

Sorry, probably wasn't much help!

Tabby - posted on 11/18/2010




I would get tested for bacterial vaginosis. The doctor kept telling me I had an STD and I kept saying it was impossible. It's something that's really easy to cure and easy to get tested for!

Chelsa M - posted on 11/18/2010




have you tried looking your symptoms up on WebMD? they'll probably tell you it's a yeast infection or something like that, but it's worth a shot. otherwise, my guess is as good as your's. good luck with finding out what it is!

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