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Melissa - posted on 05/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter which is 14months..Is still sleeping in our bed, and not in her crib..which i take blame for that; but i need help on how to have her sleep in her crib without crying and wanting to get out! Thanx


Emma - posted on 05/21/2009




hey i had the same problem with my 6and half month old son altho i guess its easier at that age than at 14months to get them back in their crib anyway my son now sleeps in his crib not right thro but hes not screaminh to get out either. I did my nightly routine supper bath cuddles milk then bed i put him in his crib ad stroked his forehead, rubbed his back tapped i did everything i thought would work apart from pulling him back out of the crib. Getting him to sleep in his crib doing that was the easy bit when he woke in the middle of the night screaming to come into bed thats the hard pard and i must admit i did give in on a few occasions until i decided one night there was going to be no more so if he woke in the night i just did what i used to get him off to sleep in the first place. eventually i was just holding his hand to go to sleep and sayin shhh shhh and now i can put him in his crib and walk out of the room he takes a while to get to sleep but he does do it. hope this helps x x x

Sara - posted on 05/20/2009




At 14 months, I do not think there is anyway to get around her crying and wanting to get out. But if you stick to your guns and do not give in, the crying will be done in two weeks and she will be sleeping in her own bed!

We had trouble with our daughter wanting to sleep with us and we used the following method.

1. Get her ready for bed so she is clean, dry and fed

2. start a bed time rutine, we read for 15 - 30 mins

3. we play music

4. leave the room

5. when she starts crying, go in to check and make sure everything is ok

6. do not pick her up from her bed if there is nothing wrong but wanting to sleep with you

7. we sang and stuff until she calmed down, then we would leave again

8. when she starts crying, let her cry for 5 minutes and go and repeat the calming process without picking her up and leave.

9. when she starts crying again let her cry for 7 minutes and repeat

10. when she starts crying again let her cry for 10 minutes and repeat

11. when she starts crying again let her cry for 13 minutes and repreat

12. when she starts crying again let her cry for 15 minutes and repreat.

We never let it be longer then 15 minute periods and in the early days, our daughter would get herself really worked up and we would go in and pick her up and calm her down so she would not hurt herself. But the next night we would try again. I remember wondering if what I was doing was right, and if I was a bad mom and if there was something wrong with my kid, but after five nights in a row, she started to cry only once and then go to sleep. After two weeks, she would only cry every once in a while and after three weeks, she was sleeping in her own bed all night long!

At two, she started having problems again with sleeping with us and we switched her to a more comforturable regular bed and she stopped comming in. Alexis is three now and only comes into our room when she has a bad dream.

This is what worked for us. Good luck and I hope this helped a little to at least give you a place to try!

With warmest wishes,



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Melissa - posted on 05/21/2009




Great routine! ,Will try..and keep u updated.. I appreciate the help.. Thanx Mums. ;) xo, Melissa

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