Judgement in society

Julie - posted on 04/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Do you ever get the feeling that other people judge the way you parent while out in public? Sometimes I get really insecure about this when it shouldn't matter at all what those people think. But just wondering if anyone else ever feels that way in this society. I don't have a definite example right now but I know I feel that way sometimes,


Sarah - posted on 04/10/2009




hi julie, yeah i agree with you, when i first took my daughter out i was really nervous and i throught everyone was staring at me and could all tell i was a first time mum when the truth is they proberly wasn't as they are too busy looking after there own children. if we are honest we all do it and jugde and say things to ourselfs, everyone parents in diffrent ways and it doesn't mean its right or wrong way its just the way it suits your lifestyle routine ect. ive learned to block out the feeling of everyone staring at me and just get on with it its other peoples problems if they don't agree with my parenting skills. Saying that tho i welcome any friends or familys advice but at the end of they day i can either use it or ignore it, i personally feel every parents know there own child best and friends and family arn't with you 24/7. I hope you feel a bit better in knowing your not the only person who feels judged.


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Amie - posted on 04/10/2009




People probably do but I'm not the most observant person. I just don't care what other people think of me though so I don't pay attention. Unless someone actually comes up to me (which has happened... freaking annoying) I don't notice if others are paying to attention to me and how I parent. If their paying too much attention to my kids though I notice... creepy! =)
My issue is more with the in-laws. Even after all these years they still have not learned to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves. At least it only took me once of telling my own parents very firmly to butt out.

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I always think people are watching how I scold my children in public. I am a believer in spankings, and though I will not spank in a store, I will grab a hand and swat it if I have to. Or I will be very firm with my oldest, and I know people are listening. I think it's sad that parents now a days have to feel like they can't even scold their children in a store or what have you.  Most of the time I just ingore people b/c they are my kids and it's really none of their buisness how I parent, or how anyone else parents.

Julie - posted on 04/10/2009




Thanks Sarah, that was a very nice comment!  I know I have been like that before, although I really try hard not to judge others, I have.

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