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Stephanie - posted on 08/16/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am sick and tired of my "spouse" my ex spouse thinking that being a stay at home mom is a piece of cake!

I am so offended that my "spouse" would make a comment about me not doing the dises all the time. I want to freak out every day because, Geez, i have two kids, 3 and 8 months and for christs sake, it's a lot of work to keep them entertained and try to stay on top of cleaning this god forsaken house! nevermind doing the yard work! Since I (that is me myself and I) bougth this house that man has NEVER taken out the garbage, so every thursday morning while i'm doing the regular morning struggle of making and feeding a 3 year old one breakfast and a 8 month old a completely differnt breakfast and hopefully squeezing down a cup of coffee i have to gather a weeks worth of trash and recycling and haul it out to the cirb because, god forbid I mention it to him "I have to take a shower and get ready for WORK" *Screaming!" Are you kidding me??? Like all I do all day is play with my hair and paint my frigging nails right? Do they not see it? How do they not see it? And, of course, when the day is done and the children are sleeping and you've caught up a little around the house, while dear old hubby plays on the computar (or whatever) you are expected to still want to have sex~~~!!! Like, really??

So eventually, when you feel like this it all boils over and you end up having a shit fit on him (that they claim to have no idea what you are talking about) and you agree to be more open about your feelings and he agrees to help more around the house blah blah blah and you go to bed thinking "this is it, it will be better now..." BUT NO, the next morning you very patiently and politly ask him to pick up the beer bottles that are outside the door and put them in the truck to be taken back, because lets face it, it makes the house look like trash, and beer bottles attracts earwigs, and for f*&% sakes, i'm scared of earwigs, please please please pick them up...? "I can't right now babe, but i promise I will when i get in from work" ... THE NEXT DAY, nothing THREE DAYS AFTER I find myself outside taken the stroller back to the garage, in a fit i grab the garden gloves and FINALLY get rid of those bottles, him watching form the kitchen window as he gets his coffee ........ *grumble mumble* nothing is mentioned... nothing is said...

ON top of all this I am suffering a child who is teething and having a hard time sleeping at night, and then he says "why aren't you as affectionate with me anymore?" (WHAT!?!?!)


Leah - posted on 08/16/2009




i am sorry-but did you just crawl out of my head and post all my thoughts?!?! the deal is-- i don't think they will ever get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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