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Leanna - posted on 11/25/2009




after reading that is makes me kind of sick. y would he have someone threatin the only true caregiver of the child. i have kind of been in the situation before.. the threating wise. i believe he should have made her apart of it. most kids dream of living in the big world or riches. some dont. but to know he could give his child everything and doesnt'.. my husband tries everyday to make me and our 4 kids happy to no end. and he spends every penny on our family. that man is a selfish bastard. sorry to say.. pure selfish ness and haterid. but in the end u know who he has to answer too and e will ahve to pay for it.

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I agree that being famous shouldnt make any difference to the way your estranged husband is treated as a spouse and father. That being said - noone can force anyone to be a husband and daddy if they dont want to be one. You can force him toprovide financially for your child and you would probably be entitled to quite good allimony if you agreed to divorce him. But as to any kind of control over what he cares about? You've got about as much chance of that as holding water in a seive! Its impossible. I just have to wonder why you would want a man who treats you both this way to remain part of your life?

Kristin - posted on 11/25/2009




Wow mama, I feel really bad for your situation. Every child deserves a loving and devoted father but unfortunately that is not always the case. As much as you want the father to be a part of your child's life you can't force it. If he doesn't want to be in your little girl's life then it is his loss, she will be better off without him. From the sound of things I would not want my child around a person like that if I was in your shoes. Now his financial obligation to the child is something that he can't avoid. If you don't already have a support order in place you should really talk to a lawyer about that. If he doesn't see the child on a regular basis or according to the custody agreement then you can petition for full custody because it would be in the best interest of the child. The courts frown upon inconsistent parents, it's just not healthy for the child. You should tell the father that it is all or nothing and if he chooses nothing then take legal action. You don't want a dad for your child that is only going to show up every now and then, just creates so many problems for kids when that happens.

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