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My son (oldest of three kids) behaves as though he is the mother - even towards me and his father but mostly towards his sister (who is three), he is bossy and gets very angry and it seems that nothing I do to attempt to do to curve this behaviour NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK!!! He is actually a lovely boy but I'm not sure what to do with him when he is in a 'mood' Does anyone else have this probelm with a child and how do you deal with it???


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I have this same problem and it is not a case of lacking boundaries. It is just your child asserting his independance. It does take constant reminding. My daughter is a sweet littler girl, and she loves her brother so much she is the bossiest when he is not being safe. I tell her if she sees something and know one is around ok but if mom or dad is there we will deal with it.


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My oldest likes to play mother hen. I usually tell her that if she wants to be mommy she can also clean up after sister, help dress and wipe sister, take sister her meals and serve her in all other ways a mother does b/c in order to be great you must first learn to serve. She quickly learned how to tattle instead of correcting sister herself. Now I'm working on the tattling. lol

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It seems like someone forgot who is the parent that is probably why he is acting the way that he do. You need to be a little strick on him to let him know you and your husband run things not him. My son is 5 years old now...when he was about 2 years old we went to the store to do a little shopping. My son wanted this toy I told him I did not have the moeny right now but when I do we will come back and get it. He was soo bad he ran left the store and hit his head on the concret. I picked him butt up and spanked him while I was spanking him I told him the reason. My son have not ever act like that again...if you spank a child you have to also tell the reason they are getting in trouble so they dont do it again because if not they will walk all over and you dont want that. This world is not getting any better its getting worse so now is the time to stop him while hes young. I wish the best for you and your family...God Bless!

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No I dont have that problem. But is sounds like you need to be more strict with him. When hes in a "mood" maybe its time for a little time alone, like make him go to his room and play by himself since he cant play nice. And if hes talking to you that way then you got serious problems. Dont be a friend be a parent and punish him. Hes probably old enough to have things taken away. But you have to be stern and consistent otherwise its going to get worse, let him know his behavior will not be tolerated.

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I have the same issue with my four year old who tries to boss everyone around including my 7 year old son. Our children love to mimic us but sometimes you've got to remind them who the parent is. They eventually outgrow this ( I have 4 younger sisters, 2 of whom did the same thing). The only thing you can do is try to shift your child from his behavior. With my daughter, anytime I hear her trying to boss her brother (which she can do quite effectively) I steer her to another activity away from him and tell her that I will handle the situation and remind her that I'm mommy. Sometimes she gets upset but they have to learn how to deal with their emotions as well, so I just let her go and cool off. It's been working and I see that she's not as bossy as she had been. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!!

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