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Sharleen - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my son is in kindergarden and he gets homework that seems like it should be for second graders. they expect him to know how to read and write. not only that... they expect him to be able to take a group of scrambled up words and make a sentence out of them!! he doesn't even know what a sentence is!!!! it is like the teacher isn't teaching the work to them b4 she sends it home!!!!! is my son behind, or is the school trying to push him to fast? i meen kindergarden is supposed to be basics right??


Connie - posted on 11/08/2009




Thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act and other legislative needs to compete with other countries that have higher testing scores, we (America) are suffering from "superbaby" syndrome. Teachers are forced to teach to test material (and yes, they are collecting data from kindergarten up). The best advice I have for you is to not be intimidated by the said "norm" for kindergarteners or any other grader for that matter. Each child develops at his/her own pace. If educators (including parents) push their child, drilling and repeating when they are not ready, they can suffer symptoms of stress. Don't judge your child by paper marks - judge by progress. Stay in touch with your pediatrician and school psychiatrist/psychologist to help pin-point any possible learning disabilities; but in all honesty, don't sweat the curriculum..It's more important for your child to be comfortable and enjoy learning, otherwise going to school can become a terrible experience for your child. Be sure to recognize every accomplishment to enhance self-esteem and to develop a positive self-concept. Never make your children feel they are "behind" - it will have great social/emotional conequences if you do.

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Walter - posted on 08/30/2013




Sarah, thankyou. My boy has a weekly home work packet. On top of that he comes home with additional work spelling , whole number addition , pegs. All this plus counting to 100 and reading a book. An hour and a half additionl work on top of 8 to 3:35 school. He's 4yrs 9 mths old.

Robin - posted on 11/08/2009




OMG wait until he is in first grade, my daughter is bringing home geometry stuff I am actually having to google cause I have no clue about rectangular prisims and heptagons. She just took a test on the continents and all the oceans the other day. I dont remember learning this stuff until I was in the 5th grade. I am lucky though my daughters school does not give homework in Kindergarden or 1st grade, they dont even allow them to bring their text books home

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I am a Kindergarten teacher. At this point in the year what I expect out of my students is to know all the letters, letter sounds, and to be able to count to 20. They should know their address, phone number, and their first and last name. We are beginning to sound out simple 3-letter words (cat, pan, etc.) and memorize some sight words (the, that, I, me, and the color words). I do send home an easy book for them to read with their parents, although they are not expected to be able to read the whole thing on their own. They may recognize some sight words in it and be able to read those. I also send home one sheet per night. It is either a math sheet (we are working on patterns), or a language arts sheet (usually about recognizing letters or some basic phonics). I did teach first grade in the past, and the scrambled sentences, etc, seem like the work my students did then. If your teacher has parent/teacher conferences or something similar, this would be a good concern to bring up to her. She should be able to tell you exactly what your child should know at this point. Good luck!

Natalie - posted on 11/06/2009




that is way advanced for kinder. My son is in 2nd grade and that is what they do for part of their home work.

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My daughter is in PreK right now and they are working on basic reading and writing skills. They need to be able to write all letters capital and lower case and know the sounds of each letter. They also need to be able to write their first and last name properly. I've talked to the kindergarten teachers about what she'll be doing next year. She said in kindy they will have reading homework each week and also basic math (addition, subtraction, estimation, and very simple multiplication). They will also have a spelling test each week. Kindergarten is definately more advanced than it was when I was young, but I wouldn't worry too much. I'd work with him the best you can and if he's still struggling at the end of the year, let him repeat it. That way he'll be sure to get that strong foundation before moving forward to first grade! Good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 11/06/2009




my son is in kdg and his homework most night is sound out letters and maybe soundout words using etters they have been going ove in class. they ask himto si down with a parent ad find words in a magizen that start with the letter of the week and to cut them out so no i think ur school is pushing to hard.

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