Lack of teeth?

Jessica - posted on 06/15/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is a very picky eater, now at 17 months of age, I can barely get him to eat any meat. He will eat maybe 1- 2 chicken tenders for dinner, but it has to be dipped in ketchup. He weighs enough,and is active enough, just worried about him not eating meat. Primarily he will eat some cereal if at all for breakfast, snacks are usually whole grain gold fish or cheese, lunch is usually a cheese stick, maybe a few cut up grapes, maybe a pb and fluff sandwich. dinner is so tough because its usually cheese/yogurt, or a carb of some sort. We offer him meat, and what we are eating, but most often times, he throws it on the floor. He only has 6 teeth still, no molars, and I am wondering if you think this may be the problem? We see the doc in another month, so I am not ready to call them yet since he does drink hearty portions of milk. Any advice for how to get this kid to diversify?


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Jamie - posted on 06/16/2009




I used pediasure with my daughter because she was lactose intolerant. 2 things 1) its full of calories so you cant give to much and 2) it says on the label to only use under doctor supervision. I do give my son probably one bottle a week because I dont want him to get over loaded with calories and such. SO check with your doc before going on that.

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My daughter had only four teeth by the time she was 18 months! I thought something was wrong. The doctor told me that as long as she has some teeth by the time she is 18 months then she is fine. He said that he has seen children that don't get their teeth until they are 2. Now that my daughter is 2 she has almost all of her teeth!

Neither of my kids eat meat really. They will chew a coupl of pieces, but they prefer the sides, like mac and cheese!

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Hey don't be too worried i have the same problem with my son one thing that i did was ( to the best of there ability) let them help make dinner. And i also made a lot of silly shapes with stuff and that really help .

Jamie - posted on 06/15/2009




My son doesnt like meat. We just put him on a vitamin to cover everything. However my son is 2 so you may want to talk to your doc before doing this. As long as he is getting fruits and veggies i wouldnt worry about it. have you tried beans? they are a good source of protein and soft. Just keep offereing the meat, soon hell get it. I got lucky wiht my daughter and she will try anything and eat almost anything.

Kathleen - posted on 06/15/2009




yea i wouldn't worry too much. Try other protein forms if you really worried. See if he'd like fried tofu, ummm he likes peanutbutter you say, server it to him different ways. Try mayking something with ground meat.
I also give my son Gerber Meat sticks.
1-2 chicken tenders isn't bad. It's a pretty good amount. If you're really worried talk to the doc, but he sounds normal on eating anyway :D

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i wouldnt worry about it. my son didnt start eating meat until he was almost 4. like a cheeseburger or porkchop. etc. but he did start eating salads and tons a veggies and stuff at about 2 and he never had any problems..I guess as long as he is getting enough calories from other foods and is in a normal/high percentile for growth, just offer it and if he turns it down just give hime sometime.

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