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I'm pregnant now and am wondering if Lamaz class is really worth it...can anyone tell me? I don't want to take a class on it if it is a waste of time! Thanks!


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Amie - posted on 04/19/2009




For me it wasn't. There was nothing there that I learned that my mom hadn't already taught me. I only went with my first because it was offered to me for free, because I was a teenage mom, through my school. (I got pregnant at 17 had her at 18) If you remember to breathe you'll be fine, whichever way you choose to go. I even found the stupid ways they teach you to breath didn't help me. My mom was my best source and still is... even when she gets on my nerves. lol!!

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I didn't go to Lamaze and don't regret not going. I read a lot about giving birth, studied hypno-birth and read on the whole process.My spouse was a good support person and was really calm/ He also had good knowledge (he has 2 other boys). For me it wasn't necessary. I had my child completely naturally and didn't need Lamaze for that. I found it would have been a complete waste of my time to go there. If you feel confident without it I say don't bother. I have to say I am not a huge fan of the "techniques" they give but just read up on what they teach and find out for yourself if you can relate to them or not.

Talya - posted on 04/19/2009




Let me start by saying that this is my own cynical opinion, and you can do what you want. When I was pregnant I thought about doing Lamaz for about one minute and decided it wasn't for me. Some people swear by it, and for those who have all natural child births maybe it is worth it, but I knew I wanted drugs. I was not trying to be a warrior, and knew I was not tough enough for labor pains. I did pre-natal yoga instead. This helped to keep me limber and we did some breathing all at the same time. It was really enjoyable, and my husband didn't have to go! HA! So, I say it wasn't for when you get into delivery and start to push all the nurses tell you what to do, and "hee hee hee hah hah hah" breathing was not it! Hope this helps.

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