late depo period pains no period

Sarah - posted on 01/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi i was on the depo 5 years never had a period on it then came off depo to try for a baby had a period stright away was pregnant 5~6 months later. then went bk on it had a break last year for 3 months ihad implant in but didnt agree with me so went bk on depo well around beginnin of this month i had red/brown dischage (sorry) only for a day or 2 then nothin well i had period pains the other day which i dont normaly get and when i checked dates i was due depo on 2nd jan not the 24th like i though still no period but now just the odd period pain i did a test the other day negative so usin condoms now till i know whats goin on . i have been told to do another test in a week or so whats the chances of me been pregnant has this happened to anyone eles x


Jacquelyn - posted on 01/29/2013




Yes I had the same problem with my now 2 year old and I just kept feeling that something was wrong so I kept taking pregnancy test. I toke 2 at home they said negative I still kept feeling that way so i wait a month and then went to the doctor to get one it was negative they kept saying nothing is wrong. I was trying to make myself believe that but it wasnt working I just knew it was something. A couple of weeks later took another test at home it said negative. A couple of weeks after that I went back to the doctor they gave me one I guess they got tired of seeing me there (lol) so they said they will give me a blood pregnancy test and it came back positive I was going on 4 months. I asked the doctor about it because my first pregnancy showed right away and she explained that all pregnancies or different and some dont show up using the urine test. So if you really want to know ask your doctor for the blood pregnancy test and if you are not pregnant it could just be a side effect from the birth control people bodies respond different each time you stop the shot because I was on depo for a couple of years.

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