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My son who is nearly three is so lazy at eating. Every meal time is such a battle it drives me and my hubby mental! Basically he likes his food and is pretty adventurous but he would rather go hungry than feed himself. If we feed him he will eat but if we don't then he won't. Sometimes he will eat the first few mouthfuls but it's not just main meals, it's finger foods as well. He won't touch a sandwich but will happily eat itif I give it to him. I know this is something that I have gotten him into because I give in due to lack of time and then he gets his own way. We have tried various things like leaving him and trying not to make an issue out of it but then I am left with an extremely grumpy boy because hes hungry. We've tried threatening with smacks and taking things away but it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to make meal times less stressful and please don't say let it run it's course because he is so grumpy if he doesn't eat. Also I can't comtinue to feed him because I also have a younger child that Im feeding. Thanks in advance! I'm pretty stressed out about this because I have had an eating disorder in the past so really don't want o make food an issue:(


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I would talk to your child's doctor. They say if kids are hungry they will eat, but if he's not eating and he's getting hungry then that's a problem. Another idea would be to make meals fun. Take him shopping and let him pick out some cute plates and silverware. Make his food fun shaped (smiley faced pancakes, sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters). You could probably search the interent for some ideas.

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