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learning letters..........

Christy - posted on 07/31/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




My youngest child is going into kindergarten this year. To prepare we have been working on his letters all summer as he was behind in preschool. He can tell you what letters make what sound but he has trouble recognizing the letter it self. He can also recognize some small words but again can't tell you what letters are in those words. Has anyone dealt with this? Do you have any suggestions on helping him learn? He gets very frustrated and doesn't want to do it for long but we do work on it every day.


Alecia - posted on 08/03/2010




games! make learning a fun experience. i started early with my daughter using the Your Baby Can Read videos and books. she loves to watch them and to be read to. just try to not make it into a chore.

Schyla - posted on 08/02/2010




Christy, my daughter is the same way (a little younger but is doing the same thing) we have discovered however that she almost always picks up on what we are working on when she is in the bath. We bought some bath tub crayons and worked on colors she picked up on it before the bath was over, We started working on letters and I got some foam letters we started with her name and then moved on to her sisters name and cousins and then aunts and uncles (it was a good way to review letters she'd already worked on too!) we use what is familiar to her and went with it. Everyone learns different when my sister was learning letters my mom used pudding and had her practice writing in the pudding and she didn't get to lick her finger till she got it right! Dose your son like cars? use his cars to write out letters and numbers dose he like balls? buy some of those play balls and put the letters and numbers on them. if he gets it right let him throw the ball or toss it into the bucket, look at what he likes and then use it to help him learn it could be that things are just getting mixed up in his head (and that's why he gets frustrated) so if you add some intensive something he likes (coloring on the tub wall, licking the pudding off his finger, tossing the ball in the house, driving his cars down a ramp!) he might just concentrate a little more! good luck I hope this helps!

Bo Lynn - posted on 08/01/2010




My son LOVES Super Why on PBS they go thru the alphabet at least once each episode and they have to find letters and spell words to continue their adventure. Sing the ABC's with him and reward/congratulate him somehow when he tries and makes progress

Starr - posted on 08/01/2010




Sticky notes! Star with just 3 letters at a time. right them on sticky notes and make them visible(fridge, bed, toys) Then have him hunt for them. Tell him to find all of the B's. if he brings back a different letter have him tell you and try again. Good Luck!

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Jessica - posted on 09/13/2012




I find lots of this info helpful, it's just sad that my sons kindergarten teacher told me that he will likely fail because he's having trouble writing his name and recognizing the alphabet. He just turned 5 and it's just the beginning of the year. Thanks to all the mommies and advice on here, it makes me feel much better and I know that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

Heather - posted on 08/03/2010




Don't worry too much. I work in an elementary school and you would be surprised by the amount of children in kindergarten that don't know their letters, at the beginning they're not expected to know them all. It is great that you're helping, another method I would use is start with the letters in their name, then do the letters in other words that are important to them. If the word is important they might learn it easier and then transfer those letters to other words :) Keep up the helping but don't get too discouraged yet, kindergarten is there to teach them otherwise they wouldn't start school til grade 1.

[deleted account]

My daughter was the same way. I talked to her teacher daily to find out what they worked on a worked with her at home. She was also in a title 1 program til she was caught up. She starts first grade this year and is right on track reading and all.

Jen - posted on 08/02/2010




My daughter has these very cute flash cards that have the letter on one side and an animal on the other. They're very bright and she loved it. She also gets very frustrated when she's not doing it right. Try to keep his interest by offering a sticker after he's done so many.

Natasha - posted on 08/02/2010




my little girl is 18 months and now knows her alphabet and sounds because of lots of practice and this lady :)

i can write down any letter and she tells me what it is and the sound it makes. give it a try it cant hurt :)

Medic - posted on 08/02/2010




I LOVE Super Why and the Letter Factory my son has been watching both for a while and he learned all his letters last year in PreK3. He also learned small words because they had everything labeled in big wall, door, sink, floor, chair, table, and what not and we have done that at home also. We also have a reward system set up for him to practice and learn new things he gets a snack size of goldfish or animal crackers for every day he does an activity without fighting it. We do anything from finding things in the pantry with a certain letter or a certain shape or color, to doing workbook pages, or puzzles. We just try and make everything fun. This year he is going into the public preK4 and they are going to work more on the writing portion of learning to read.

Christy - posted on 08/02/2010




Tracy, I wouldn't worry if it isn't something that you haven't been working on. My son was in pre-kindergarden, plus we work on letters, colors, and numbers everyday. It is the fact that we work on it and he has been working with teachers using a phonics progam and other tools and he isn't getting catching on that has me worried. I used to have run a daycare and to have NONE of my tools works makes it hard. It is also hard to watch him get frustrated because he knows that he should be getting the info by now.

[deleted account]

Tracy, don't worry. He will learn it in kindergarten. Just find out what he is working on in school so you can review it with him. Reading to your child every day is a great way to keep him interested in learning as well as to reinforce what he is learning in school.

Tracy - posted on 08/01/2010




ummmmmm.... now I am a little worried. My son starts kindergarten this fall also but he doesn't really know any of the alphabet yet. I talked to his teacher and she said that that was what kindergarten was for and he didn't need to know the alphabet yet. Am I wrong for not pressuring him to learn the alphabet already. we do some but I was letting him be a kid before he got stuck in school for the next 12 years. Sorry for asking a question to your question, but now I am worried that I am doing wrong.

Tiffany - posted on 08/01/2010




Sounds like Dyslexia actually. I could be wrong, I'm no doctor, but here are the symptoms.

* Difficulty learning the alphabet or letters order
* Difficulty with associating sounds with the letters that represent them (sound-symbol correspondence)
* Difficulty identifying or generating rhyming words, or counting syllables in words (phonological awareness)
* Difficulty segmenting words into individual sounds, or blending sounds to make words [29] (phonemic awareness)
* Difficulty with word retrieval or naming problems
* Difficulty learning to decode written words
* Difficulty distinguishing between similar sounds in words; mixing up sounds in polysyllabic words (auditory discrimination) (for example, "aminal" for animal, "bisghetti" for spaghetti)

Kathryn - posted on 08/01/2010




Try some flash card games. Lay the flash cars on the ground and call out a letter and let him jump on the correct letter.

Make letter pretzels. They are fun to make and an fun way to learn his letters.

Try a shaving cream tray. You or your chid can write letters in the shaving cream, just wipe it down and do the next letter.

I made a letter bucket for my son. Use a metal bucket (I got one from Walmart that has the "Cars" theme on it) and put magnetic letters in it. Let your son pull the letters out and help him wiht what letter it is.

Foam bathtub letters. Let you on play with the letters in the bath and place them on the wall.

Don't do too many activities in a day just maybe 1 or 2. Make it fun.

[deleted account]

Try working on just one letter at a time until he is able to recognize it, then move on to a new one and continue to review the ones he knows. I wouldn't push too much at this point because letters are learned in kindergarten. I homeschool my children, and use a very good method or teaching letters and phonics. If you are interested, I can tell you the order in which they are taught. It is meant to teach easy and most used letters first. Also, try different ways to review letters that are more like playing. I have used magnetic letters, letter puzzles, letter-shaped cutters for play-do, books that have a specific letter theme, coloring pages of individual letters( you can find theses online or just make them on the computer using a large outlined font), the Letter Factory video, computer games, flashcards, alphabet games and electronic learning toys. Kids learn in different ways and they learn better if they think it is fun and not work. Hope this helps.

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