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Learning to talk.

Amanda - posted on 02/26/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son just turned 1 in November, he has an older sister that just turned 4 Feb. 19. He only says a few words that are the repetitive ones. Mama, dada, daddy, owie, uh uh. My girlfriends kids that are about the same age and are boys are all saying more. I talk to my son like he is a "big boy" no baby babbling, is he slower or just relying on his sister to say things for him. He also is going through a stage of whining and hitting. Is that common or is he really frustrated with something??


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if you are concerned they have a program like erica said that can tell you if your child is meeting the milestones they should be at. we do that as well. we have someone come out weekly but they can do it as much or little as you want, we just chose weekly since it's a nice break for us but she will evaluate where she is at what level and make sure she is where she needs to be. and alot of kids do develop differently. where i was advanced in things my sister wasn't and vice versa we relied on eachother. there were things she knew i didn't i relied on her for and i knew stuff i helped her with. but theres a 3 year age diff. between us.

Amanda - posted on 03/01/2010




Thank you all so much. This has really enlightened the way I was thinking about this. Some days (like today) or going to be hard for both of us. I think I'm going to work with him for a while and if he doesn't seem like we're not getting anywhere, I'll have him tested. I just need to remind myself that my kids are different and that he may be relying a lot on his sister. Thank you everyone for your help.

Heather - posted on 02/26/2010




This is very common, especially when boys have older sisters. Usually the case is that older sisters just give them what they think they want, and eventually they will learn that they do not need to speak to get something. Also, whining and hitting is very common in young toddlers, they do this (i think) because they cannot fully communicate, especially if he cannot talk very much yet.

Sarah - posted on 02/26/2010




I would say keep doing what you are doing. He might be relying on his sister a little, but sometimes kids pick up things faster when watching another kid do it. Try to have her not say things for him (I know not always easy when they are 4). The whining and hitting might be the age or it could be due to frustration. Watch when he hits. Hitting is common at that age so I am sure some is just the age. When he whines for something try to have him say a simple word for what he wants. Like "more" or "milk". It may take many times of repeating these, but once he has learned the word (you have heard him say it or say something close to it) then don't give him more or the milk until he says the word. Often times they whine to get your attention because they can't say any words, so start with teaching simple words and then once he has figured out the word require him to say it instead of whine. Between the ages of 1-2 yrs their vocab grows a TON. Sometimes it may seem like they are hardly talking and then one day they start saying all these words that you have been working on. It is also not a bad idea to have an evaluation done for his speech. Your local school can connect you with AEA (area education agency) which can evaluate him on his speech and then if they feel he needs some speech therapy they can get that started for you. This is all free. Kids develop at different paces, so it might be nothing to worry about. But if there is an issue it is better to get therapy earlier than later.

Samantha - posted on 02/26/2010




My sisters daughter still wasn't saying much at 2 1/2. She had a state worker come to the house to evaluate her. They said shes perfectly fine. She COULD talk instead of repeat should she choose to but she didn't NEED to. She has two older brothers who will speak for her and wait on her hand and foot if she wants something.

My best friends daughter didn't speak much at 2 yet at that exact same age her friends son was speaking full sentences and had been for almost 8 months. Some develope in speech earlier on and some in motor skills. unless there is a learning disability that ISN'T caught at an early age they all level out with eachother around 1st grade. ( My mother in law is a school teacher. she tells me not to worry that my son picks up on everything BUT his colors lol )

Amy - posted on 02/26/2010




My son is just about 22 months and he hardly says anything! We have been working hard with him to at least start asking for what he needs, he just wines. We've heard him talk, but he just doesn't really want to, he gets lazy or something. At 1 I wouldn't worry too much! Just try to encourage him to talk, and try not to let his big sister talk for him all the time. I"ve heard a lot of times the second one talks later because the first talks for them.

Erica - posted on 02/26/2010




in know in the state i live there is a program that will come out and evulate your child to see if he could possibly need speech therapy. they will be able to give you good answers

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