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Holly - posted on 08/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i stopped breastfeeding a week ago after feeding my son for 13 months, i thought i would be relieved to get a bit of independence back but i find myself missing it so much! i feel disconnected from my baby and as if we have already lost a bond we will never get back. has anybody else felt like this after weaning??


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Jessica - posted on 08/25/2013




I did for a while after nursing my son for about 10 months. He self weened. Then after a while after that I started enjoying my freedom. I found new ways to bond and as he got older there were a lot of new things we could do together. It's one of those things you will always remember and miss a little bit.

Lindsay - posted on 08/22/2013




YES! My son will be 3 in November and I am still missing those times with him, and I'm sad that I won't ever have that again. I am seriously having baby fever, and can hardly wait to have that connection again. There is nothing more special. But I believe because of nursing for so long that you cannot break that bond. I have been around mom's who didn't nurse their little ones and they are much more detached and independent. Unlike my little one who is obviously growing more independent as he gets older, but he still loves to cuddle. He has a very sweet and has an intimate relationship with both my husband and I and I believe a lot of that has to do with nursing. ♥

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