Living with Post Partum Depression

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Are there any moms out there that have to force themselves to take care of their child/ren? I have to do that everyday. I have to overcome so much emotional turmoil everyday that it makes it incredibly difficult to take pleasure in raising my child. I feel so alone there anyone out there that can relate?


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Amanda - posted on 08/19/2009




yes, totally. I denied even to myself that I was having issues, I just blamed everything on the health issues I've been having. I never felt like I bonded properly with my daughter because I was in the hospital without her for the first 2 weeks of her life. There were most days when I only got up to do something with her when she was screaming & I would look for the simplest easiest way to make her stop without having to do much. My daughter is 14 months old & just 2 months ago, I gave in & went to the doc. Now I am being treated for PPD with medication & therapy. Every day gets a little better, but I still feel so alone (all my family lives across the country) to the point where my mother calls & talks to me & I still cry & feel like she just doesnt want to talk when she lets me go, even after a 90 min conversation! and havent had time to make friends. I feel so guilty for the way I have been (and honestly, still am at times).

Jamie - posted on 08/19/2009




Been there done that got the t-shirt. I denied it for so long and refused help. Once I got into a counselor and got some meds I was feeling like my old self. It may take trying a few meds to get the right one but dont get discouraged. My youngest is now 3 and Im med free and doing awsome. So there is an end in sight you just have to go after it. And remember its not your fault, its hormones being out of whack and you just gotta put them in check.

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