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Well, in a couple years I won't qualify for this group because I'll be too old, hahah!! Wah, I don't want to be older than 30! Well I have a six year old son and a three year old daughter. I've been hinting to my husband that I would like to have a baby and he usually says it won't be with him cause he doesn't want anymore kids. He doesn't say it in a bad way, basically making it clear that two's enough for him. So after pestering him with it he finally says to me ok! So now that I have the go ahead I'm not so sure. I'm working on a second degree at the moment and I know that getting pregnant will throw me off the trail but every time I watch a baby story on TLC I want one all over again. LOL! Anywho........


Lyndsay - posted on 08/27/2009




Haha.. I've been having a similar internal crisis. I've always wanted to have 2 kids, hopefully a boy and a girl. Right now I have a 2 year old son, which is more or less the age I planned on going for baby #2 at. I'm going into my second year of a three year college program, then possibly teachers college after that. I want to travel to Europe next summer, and I have all of these plans that I can basically manage with me, my husband, and our son. I'm also really picky about age gaps -- I don't want to do all of this stuff and THEN have a baby because I think it'll be too late, so basically its now or never. ????

But... I've been stressing over it for many weeks (months) now and I've finally decided that I'm happy with just my son. We have a good thing going right now and I don't want to have to start at the beginning again.

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