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Ashley - posted on 06/25/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Would anyone know what I could do to help my 6 year old daughter grieve the lost of her dad? We lost him last August and it has been a struggle ever since. She has started acting out, she gets mad at everyone around, and she will not listen to anyone. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Sarah - posted on 06/28/2009




First of... my sorry for both our your guys' lost. My children are going through the same thing, they lost their father in September. Try finding a group for young children, hospice centers usually have some and just let her go through the stages and try to support her best you can. If you need someone to talk to message me, I'm right here in the same boat as you and its really hard.

Jill - posted on 06/26/2009




all thows things are good but u also need to let her know that is ok to talk about her dad when ever she wants to. and to talk about how she feels and not to hold it in cuz it could case more problems when she gets older. im sorry for u loss. i to have lost my dad at a young age. but just hang in there

Ashley - posted on 06/26/2009




It would seem to me (and this is purely guessing) that she may not have or have had a proper way to vent, and feel all those horrible emotions. I think I would try to have a Daddy day every month or something, a day when you can go visit his grave, write letters to him, or just sit and cry if she feels the need to. Having a special day that is all about him will give her a time and place to get rid of everything that builds up. I think after a few of those, they will turn into more of a celebration than a monthly day of mourning...

Yarna - posted on 06/26/2009




i havent been in your position so i cant talk from experience but just lots of photos of her dad and maybe let her visit him regulary will help but just be there for her and let her know you love her my friend went through this two years ago and her son was two he still ask about what thappened to his dad but she found that letting him talk to someone outside the family helped. its so hard for young ones to understand, im sorry for your loss but hang in there you will both get there

Lyndsay - posted on 06/25/2009




Maybe you should sit down and have a deep conversation with her... explain to her that it's not her fault (children always feel guilty for trauma), it's not YOUR fault, and sometimes bad things happen. Also, just let her go through the stages of grief... denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. She's young, it may take her some time to move through each of these stages. But if she has a strong arm to lean on and lots of support it will help her a lot.

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