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Sarah - posted on 01/27/2013




thanks michelle for the reply,,

here it goes.. the latest event that we where into is that he get mad at me when i object to come with him to go to my in-laws for overnight coz..we have a house on our own..before when we have no child (coz we we just have our adopted child 2yrs ago..)thats why before almost our t but...i have realize we dont have privacy.. considering we are just together every weekends..coz he only got home every weekend coz he work in the city and if i allow him or us to go to in-laws every often we eneded up no privacy..coz his mother wanted to stay with us even on our sleep.. :( where is our privacy isnt it????my mother in-laws most of the time is the one attending to my husband needseven if im there for my suband..when my husband is coming mother jump from her seat and immediately goes to their dining to prepare food for my husband.. and my mother in law who is taking care of her grand daughter left to me her granddaughter and she will tell me just attend to the baby (child of my sis in law ..bec she is working in kuwait) from clothing to cup of coffee etc..where is my role as a wife isnt it...? thats why now that we have a child ..i limit the visits to my inlaws..especially ovrernigt..coz of the many knicknacks we have to bring coz of our daughter..and i m more comfortable relaxing in our own place rather in my in laws house coz..thats the only tome for me to rest and its my husband duty to take turn..since i do all the caringfor weekdays since we dont have nanny..and if we are on mon-in laws husband will just sleep and not taking care of our child and let my mom in law does for him..and my mom in law kind a ignore my sis in law kids and im the one double ckhecking them coz the kids of my sis in law ..are very naughty and my mom in law is very much spoiler even if pointed objects are been given to my one only daughter..

i keeo telling my husband whats happening when he was sleep in her moms house..i cant really rest ..and he is keeping telling me that she wasnt to see them and be with them..and it seems he cant allow weeks or months passed without visiting and calling them...its ok to visit but all he wanted for is to stay long and overnight..and thus all my house chores at home will be left out :( iexplain to him many times..but he doesnt listen...and when the times that my mom in law visit in our house..she will give no positive comments at all...instead many negative things,,,and her eyes will roaming around and look for negative points...and when we are sick she will keep on saying she cant go coz she's far..when in fact when we are the one who cant visit sit is an issue and it will be brought to their relatives how many times we are not sleeping over in their house....and the funny thing when they need oney they will go in our house even if they told us that our house is too far.. :(

.and u know what 3 weeks ago i end up not talking to him for a week coz i got fed up! im always hoping and praying all of this will have to passed..and maybe..later on we can bond together with privacy coz last week receive her visa (my mother in law ) and now she is moving abroad to visit my sis in law 2 WKS FROM NOW....maybe by then we can focus on our own mother in law is very kind...but its very over..she is very attached to her children she dont want them to go out of her skirt..feeling me as a wife sometyms bypass with the roles as a wife to her son...

Michelle - posted on 01/26/2013




Tell him to grow up and stop doing everything for him.

Don't know what else to say because you haven't explained how he's a mamas boy.

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