May be pregnant with 2nd - don't know what to do

Jade - posted on 10/29/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm a 22-year-old stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old girl. I'm no longer with the father, but he's in her life...but we don't really get along. I have been seeing my high school sweetheart for the last 2 months and things have been going awesome...but now I'm a week late for my period which usually comes like clockwork. I'm on a waiting list to see my gynecologist to get Mirena put in (which I already purchased) so if I am pregnant, this will be soooo unplanned. My relationship is way too new to be anywhere near ready for a baby, and I already have another baby to support...needless to say, I'm freaking out. But the more stressed I get, the later my period will be if I'm not pregnant (this has happened to me in the past so I'm hoping this is what it is!). I get a period-like cramp every now and then so I keep running to the bathroom hoping it came, but still no luck. Anybody who has some encouraging words or advice from people who have been in similar situations would be great. I'm so afraid to have this talk with my new boyfriend...I really don't want him to think I was trying to get pregnant on purpose since I already have a daughter


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Ariel - posted on 11/03/2012




I was in the exact same sit when I was pregnant with my son. Broke up with the fathr of my daughter now alnst 3. And then my husband and I started dating and a month later I went to the doc and found out I was pregnant. O came home and told him we both didn't kno what to do. But knew we were not going to be giving it up. I was mad at him my entire pregnancy. But he stayed with me and now we have 3 beautiful children and are married and happy as can be. And actually my husband is the guy I had a crush on all through middle school and high school but he didn't kno I existed. Lol so everything will work out the way it's supposed too. Don't stress!

Francine - posted on 11/02/2012




All I will say is you need to start making better decisions for yourself and your daughter because seeing someone only for 2 months and discovering you're pregnant in my books says you are not thinking clearly.

Is there a reason you think you are pregnant?? Did you guys not use birth control? You have a daughter already, was she not enough to convince you that you are not ready for another one and to take precautions? Encouraging words or advice is not what you need to hear from us right now because of your obvious decision making. What you need in your life right now is a mother who's willing to stand up and let you know what she sees and what she thinks about your lifestyle and decision making. You may not like what I'm saying but I'm sure no one's come forward and told you like it is. Stop acting like a teenager in love which you are no longer and start make better choices for yourself and your daughter because she's the one who sees all of this. Also you need to show your daughter that you can survive financially by yourself without having to rely on assistance or someone else, in other words got out there and get yourself a job.

Amanda - posted on 10/29/2012




I wouldn't tell him until I was sure. He might be happy about it, or it may scare him away. If he knew you weren't on birth control or using a contraceptive (I don't know if you were and I don't mean to offend) then he's just as responsible as you are. I know how agonizing it can be not knowing and not knowing whether or not to tell you bf. My experience with it did not go over well, but I hope this turns out the way you hope for. Good luck.

Maretta - posted on 10/29/2012




No matter what God has equipped you with more than enough love. I think You should get EPT if you are already late. Good Luck

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