Men have feelings too

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Do you always expect gifts from your husband? Even when it’s not a special occasion, Do you expect gifts , from your men after an argument .

Do you give your husband gifts? even to say sorry or thank you.

Us ladies put so much pressure on our husbands, and sometimes ,don’t even realise it.

We expect so much from them, for example, you don’t talk to me enough, you don’t show me no attention, you act as if you don’t love me, you don’t listen to me, on the list goes on. yes we love the attention, and love to be pampered, but do you pamper your husband?

Sometimes when a man behaviour changes, she might start to think he’s having an affair or he’s intentionally ignoring her, but this is not the cause, sometimes he’s stress and tiered due to, the long day at work, worried about the future, or things he find difficult to make changes to.

Men take on problems very hard too, not because they don’t talk like us and express their sadness or worries, they feel too.

Men love hugs and kisses, even surprise him with a candle light dinner at home, with you revealing the sexy side of you. Surprise him with a gift, just to show him your thinking of him.

Many ladies would say men are lazy, stupid, Mean, thoughtless and the list goes on. Most of this is true, and woman have been complaining about this for years.

Sometimes it’s not the man fault, why he behaves like this, most of is behaviour is from growing up as a child, some mothers doesn’t teach their son to do house work, like washing the dishes etc. For this reason, he will enter a relationship with the same attitude. There are men, who changes this behaviour once his partner ask him to.

Ladies do you ever find your self stop preparing dinner for him and letting him know how useless you think he is. This is not good, talk with him, yes, it can take a thousands of years before he hears you but don’t give up, you will see the changes.
so ladies treat your man, once in a while.

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Cleaver - posted on 12/31/2012




i agree i think though that its not too much to ask my husband for a little something on special occasions which i don't get

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