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I have an 8 month old baby girl and I am worried that she has not reached some important milestones yet. She can not sit up on her own yet, but if I sit her up she stays there just fine. She has only pulled herself from sitting to standing a couple of times, unless she grabs my hands and then she does it for hours. But she can't seem to do it on stationary objects. She's not crawling yet, but she is "creeping" and seems to be getting around just fine that way.

I play with my daughter everyday and give her as much tummy time as she can stand, but I'm wondering if there are other things I should be doing to promote her physical strengths? I probably wouldn't even be freaking out except that my next door neighbor has a baby girl 1 day younger than mine and her daughter started hitting all of these milestones at 4 months!


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dont worry! yours is only 8 month and mine is almost 13 months - started sitting up a week before her 1st birthday, started commando crawling 2 wks before her birthday, still cant pull herself up onto things and cant go to sittting up or back onto the floor without falling. our child health nurse said just let her do it by herself. ours cries when she wants to get down but we leave her to do it herself the only way shes going to learn. she has a crash landing most time but barely hurts her self. dont stress every baby does things at thier own time! mine has had every possible test done inc. MRI and bloods and urine to test for development disorders and she is healthy!

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Thank you for the comments! I know that all babies develop differently but it helps to have other people reming me of that from time to time. :-)

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she sounds fine to me. some babies never crawl and crawling is not an important mile stone. it means nothing. I have a child in my daycare who scoots on her bottom and she gets around just fine.
sounds like your neighbors baby just did things extremely early.
are you a first time mom? I worried the same with my first but now that I have 2 kids and I know my first one turned out fine (didnt sit until 9 months didnt walk until 18 months) she is 4 now and does everything normally

Vanessa - posted on 04/28/2009




Hi Micah, I'm Vanessa. I wouldn't be too worried about her not sitting yet. Babies reach milestones at different times, my son was almost 10 months before he started sitting on his own. I know how you feel though, it seems like everybody else's baby reaches milestones and you're sitting there thinking, "why hasn't mine done that yet?" She seems to be on her way to crawling with the creeping, but some babies don't crawl until after they walk. My son was like that and there was nothing physically wrong with him. I wouldn't worry too much, but like Mandy said, if you're really worried check with your daughter's pediatrician.
Good luck! And enjoy the lack of mobility, pretty soon you won't be able to keep up with her!!:)

Mandy - posted on 04/28/2009




If you are worried go to see the doctor or a health visitor they will help all can say is not every child is the same she probably should be sitting up on her own by now but about the crawling i wouldnt worry too much as my daughter was not crawling at that age and as long as she is getting around fine that sounds good to me

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