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Does anyone use Mirena as a birth control or know someone who does? Please give me your opinion on it..I think I might get it after I have my son, I already have a daughter and since we're unsure if we want a third, Mirena seemed logical.


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I had the Mirena put in 2 months ago. It's fantastic! I know some women have said it hurt really bad when they got it put it, but I felt nothing. Well, it felt like a normal pap i suppose. Later that day though, i had pretty mild cramping. Felt no worse than a heavy period back in the day. Now I don't even know it's there at all, and my period is completely gone. I would just say to take some Tylenol before you go in to the dr to have it inserted. That will probably help with the cramping later.

Amanda - posted on 05/07/2009




it is awesome! I love my mirena. it didn't hurt to get in and there was mild cramping the first 2 days. now i cant tell its there

Diane - posted on 05/07/2009




I used mirena twice. I thought that it was wonderful. I had no period with mine. However, I had a friend that was part of the small percentage that had an increased period. Good luck with making the decision!

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Yes, I my best friend/ SAHM uses Mirena, she chose it for birth control and the benefits of little to no period that is common with it. Great choice.

I use Paragard the copper IUD, there's no hormones so you don't get any of those side effects (the worst for me was decreased sex drive), downfall is that you get heavier periods.

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