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Tracey - posted on 11/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need answers and the best info is from others that have experience what I have. Ive had Mirena for 4 years now. I woke up this morning to bleeding and I havent done that since I got it! I think this is what scares me the most because I cant see what is going on all I can do if just feel the uncomfortablitly. Ive been reading and noticed ive been experiencing even more side effects as they would call them..


Depressed mood

Mood swings



Inflammation of cervix, vulva or vagina

Back pain

Weight increase

Skin irritations (such as hives, rash, eczema or itching)

Feeling bloated

Swelling of hands and/or feet

My feet around my ankles hurt so bad I cant walk! I have diarrhea all the time. Ive lost my sweet touch.. I feel mad and annoyed and snap off at the littlest things and thats not me! My head hurts.. My back never stops hurting! The Bleeding just started and thats what makes me feel most nervous. I need advice! I just moved so I dont have a doctor yet ive been making calls all morning but sinces its the holiday no1's available to help.


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Amber - posted on 11/23/2012




I don't know much personally about mirena, but I do have a gf that has been having a lot of lower back pain and she has been thinking about getting it out. I did have paraguard (the one without the hormones), and didn't have really any issues. I did end up having mine removed due to personal preferences. I think if you are having issues though and especially bleeding, you should definitely get in to have a check up! Have you tried to look at some dr's in your area on the Healthgrades.com website? They are graded by "customers" and even give a little background on them. Hope you figure it out. Good luck.

Tracey - posted on 11/23/2012




I called the hospital near me and talked to a nurse. I dont have a gyn yet so if I dont by today she said get a appointment made I need to come to the ER and so they can help me. I do want it out and I refuse to have any more implants. Im nervous. Ive had it for four years and I had to pick a birth control before leaving the hospital so I got that and I never had any serious problems but now im noticing things and just want it out!

Michelle - posted on 11/21/2012




I've never had the Mirena myself because of all the side effects but you really need to get it out. Maybe try the ER if you are bleeding.

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