Mirena vs Paragard

Frankela - posted on 09/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've struggled with BC for almost all of my adult years. I'm now 38. I'm a mother of two teenage girls. I've been through a whirlwind of BC for years, first up Deposhot at 25 got pregnant after about 5-6 months on it. Second round Othro Tricyclen, was rushed to the hospital for high blood pressure and almost having a stroke age 27. Then on to Paragard, had it for 11 years, it worked like a charm, although my periods lasted longer 5 days (normally 3 days only one heavy day) and I had cramps and heavier bleeding, but nothing else, which over time all three decreased. This year I had the mirena inserted first month, 10 day period, constant spotting, acne, sweet tooth, cold sore and weigh gain. After the first month most things went back to normal except the 10 day period, the constant spotting and the sweet tooth. My period is now irregular I can basically track it but it will either come earlier or later, but definitely I spot at any time. I can have a few days relief but after that back to spotting. It's so irritating, I can't understand a device that's supposed to keep you from getting pregnant it also keeps you from having sex. So I've decided without further adue to have it removed. It's been 4 months to the day and next wednesday it will be removed and I will have a paragard reinserted. My body and hormones just doesn't work. They claim it's only localized hormones strictly to the uterus but doesn't effect anything else. So not true. Well I know folks who love it, who never get a period or those blogs I read of folks with heavy periods who don't mind spotting daily if they don'thave a heavy period.

Well I hate it, I hate spotting, it's summer and it's just gross to worry constantly about wearing a panty liner. Good luck to all and your BC choices. Find one that works for you.


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I had a doctor trying to get me to have the Mirena. I stuck to my belief about all the bad side effects and knew I didn't want it at all. I have also suffered from very heavy and painful periods when not on birth control. They would last 2 week and I would bleed through maternity pads within an hour or so.
I have finished having children and my husband has had a vasectomy so I opted for the endometrial ablation. It's supposed to stop periods in 90% of women and lasts 5 years. Well I still get my period but it only lasts 3 days and is very light so it has worked for me. It's not a form of birth control, it a way to help with painful, heavy periods though.
I know what it's like having problems with the hormones in BC. In the end I just went back to the tried and tested condoms.

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