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My two year old daughter is having a big problem with monsters, it doesn't seem to matter if it is day or night, she has a night light and her big brother kicks the monsters out of the house every time she yells, however sometimes it isn't enough, one of her older brothers is severely disabled and spends alot of time in hospital so our lives are quite disrupted at the best of times, and i'm worried that maybe her seeing her brother so sick may have been part of the trigger


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I heard a method where you can fill a water bottle with a spray top (like ones to spray houseplants), with water and put a sticker on it that says monster repellent - then every night you can spray the house (I'd use a fine spray!!) to get rid of the monsters. if she still wakes up scared (which she might well out of habit), you can remind her you used the spray so they are all gone! If she has control of the spray it might make her feel more empowered and not afraid. good luck xx


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Kyla - posted on 08/11/2009




trying putting a few drops of lavander oil in the monster spray also, as lavendar is soothing and can help relax her and help her sleep.

Terresa - posted on 08/09/2009




i do keep an eye on what she watches because when she goes to her fathers he lets her watch anything that he is, she cant even watch Tarzan without flipping out. I wish i could break that naughty lay down time with her at bed tiem but i have a severely disabled son who needs care at that time, ill have a closer look at what she's seeing when im not around though... thanks :)

Marta - posted on 08/09/2009




It's quite possible but, unfortunately, with two year olds there's no way to really tell what's going through their little minds. I would also take a look at the shows and movies she's exposed to, do they have frightening characters or monsters in them? Although the shows may seem appropriate at first glance sometimes when you sit down and really watch them you realize that OMG this is really not a good show (I've recently done this and was shocked). You might just have to break the night time rule and snuggle with her until she's old enough to tell you why she's afraid of the monsters. Sorry, I know that it's not super helpful but it's all I got.

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