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My husband and I live in Arizona and are leaving on the 9th to move to Washingston state. We are driving. It's a 1500mile trip. We have a 10month old daughter. We want this road trip to be enjoyable and fun but I'm not sure what to do with my daughter to keep her entertained and happy the whole ride. Plus, she now has a forward facing carseat which she will sleep in but her head falls forward and we worry about it. Is there a good product out there that will keep her head in a better postion? Thanks!


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Plan your route! Make sure to put in a few stops to a few parks or something so she can get out and stretch.

If you have a cd player in your vehicle record or bring her favourite songs (it may get a bit annoying for you guys depending on her favourites but it will keep her happy)

Bring her snack foods with you so your not buying everything each time she needs a nibble.

There are U shaped pillows for necks, pretty cheap (Mine gets stolen by our kids all the time! lol) Since shes so young you may have to wait until after she falls asleep to put it on her. it will keep her head where it needs to be and my goodness they are comfortable. There are smaller kid ones but the one I have is adult size and my kids still love it.

When we took our 4 hr trip our youngest (was 17 mths at the time) stayed awake for about half the trip and then crashed. Try to make sure her bottom stays dry and she doesnt get too cold or hot (if you have to sit for that long shes probably going to get real ansy if she is not comfortable)

Try to go by her cues if possible. If you can try to make it like a vacation ride for her.

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